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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 22 - Thanksgiving 2012

What a great, great, great Thanksgiving!! No real blog tonight.  Just pictures from Thankgiving 2012. 

This is hard to see, but it's the backyard activities.  Horseshoes, corn hole, football, Red Rover, Duck Duck Goose, and some women in a huddle looking through the sale papers... something for everyone!

This is Charlie.  He's the first boy born into the family since Hunter.  There were 9 little girls between Hunter and Charlie.  Poor fellar.  He's surrounded by females!  In this picture, he's mesmerized by a lady bug.

Smiling cousins - Libby, Yuri, and Maggie

Baby A and sweet Mabry inspecting the Auburn football.  I guess they were trying to find the problem.  (Roll Tide)

Willard and Hunter were the 2012 Corn Hole Champions.  Their record was 13-1 on the day.  They (and by "they" I  mean Willard) are obnoxious winners.  Ask anybody.

I love this picture.  Now you see why I'm so thankful???

It was a fun, fun day but everybody was wiped out!

Yuri had that good slobber sleep...
If not for the pink bow, Gigi would be completely camouflaged.

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!! 

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