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Friday, August 28, 2015

I am a terrible sick person!

Lots of random thoughts have gone through my mind today, so I decided to put them in a blog. 

Author’s note: I have taken cold medication this morning, which may explain things.

·        I am a terrible sick person. I don’t get sick often, and when I do it makes me irritable and very impatient. Not a good combination when you’ve got a whole pile of kids.

·        I’ve always heard the old saying “Starve a fever, feed a cold”.  Well, what if you have both?

·        Would it be inappropriate to have Stitch Fix scheduled weekly?  I mean, help me think of a way to justify that.  I see other people getting theirs and I feel really, really jealous.  I currently get one shipment a month.  They should do HALF orders. I would be happy to get 2 items a week.  But I need them to free, if possible. Please and thank you. 

·        I’ve mentioned in previous blogs how much I love Pepperidge Farm Coconut Cake.  I’ve loved it all my life.  When Willard wants to do something sweet for me, he brings me flowers, coconut cake, and (used to!) Blue Bell ice cream.  I don’t buy it for myself because… well, because… I eat the whole dang thing by myself in one day. Anyway, he brought one home to me this week.  I noticed immediately that the box was different, which didn’t really BOTHER me, but I immediately wondered if they changed the cake too.  I am sad to say that yes, they did.  Change is not always good, people.  

·        I shared this with a couple of friends this week, but I’ll share it here too.  If you didn’t watch “Sons of Anarchy”, you can skip this whole paragraph.  Me and Willard went to Bristol last week and as we are driving home, we pass a guy on a motorcycle wearing a “motorcycle club” jacket. As we pass him, Willard makes a comment about “passing Opie”.  Well, I immediately got sad and I felt like I was gonna cry.  I didn’t say anything for a while and Willard finally said, “What’s wrong? You still sad about Opie?” (Let me clarify, there was no concern in his voice… only mockery).  I said, “Actually, no, I’m not.  It suddenly makes perfect sense to me why Kurt Sutter killed off Opie.  Can you imagine how hard it would have been for Opie to see Jax after Tara died?? And the stuff Jax went through at the end of the show?? OMG. I totally forgive Kurt.  He didn’t want Opie to see Jax suffer.”  Willard just stared at like he’s wondering where the closest mental hospital is.  But, if any of y’all are true SOA fans, you totally get this.

·        I love HGTV, especially shows like “House Hunters” and “Love it or List”.  My question is this – HOW DO THOSE NORMAL PEOPLE HAVE BUDGETS OF $600,000?!?!  They’re like “I’m a pre-K teacher and my husband is a full-time student, and our budget is $450,000.”  What.  The.  Heck. 

·        Why do people have kids if they can’t take care of them?  Why does DHR have to step in and take your children away just to get you to do the MINIMUM that’s required to keep your kids?  I understand that people have the right to reproduce, but after you’ve lost custody of 3, 4, EIGHT children, something needs to happen.  No, it’s not politically correct to talk about mandatory sterilization but I’m not feeling particularly politically correct today.

·        I’ve heard the term “citizen’s arrest” on Andy Griffith. Is that a real thing?  Because if it is, I’m wondering if I can be a citizen parking attendant and write tickets at Dollar General.  We watch “Parking Wars” every morning before work/school, and I JUST WISH our dumb drivers would go to Philly one time and see what happens when you park wherever you want.  Chi-ching!!

·        THREE DAYS until Blue Bell is back on the shelf!! I am glad I finally got a date.  I had been calling Kroger every day and they seemed a little annoyed. One young man actually said, “We don’t have Blue Bell but we have other brands of ice cream.”  Ohhhh really, I never thought of that.  *rolling my eyes*

·        I’m a terrible sick person.