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Friday, June 29, 2012

Fun, fun, fun!!

This is another one of those blogs without a point.  Just basically an update on our week. 

We travelled to Arkansas last weekend to see my mom’s family.  For my entire life, we’ve gotten together with the Cantley’s every year (well, for a while, we went to every other year but that didn’t last).  It used to be in Shreveport, LA every year and that’s 14 million miles away.  And you have to travel the roads of Mississippi which is basically like off-roading.  Even the interstate is bumpy.  As always though, I loved every minute of our visit and hate to leave them. 

Yuri and Gigi had a ball with their cousins.

I was dreading the trip this year because Baby A is not a very good traveler, but she did soooo good.  She was a perfect angel all the way there and all the way back.  It was really hot last weekend, so I bent the rules and let her drink whatever people fed her.  In this case, I’m sure it was Mt. Dew!!

All the kids had a ball.  They all rode the tube, and they all fell off the tube... This shot of Haley Rae and her cousins gives you some idea.  Do not adjust your screen.  The tube is actually in the process of flipping and that’s Haley Rae on the bottom of a big pile of LSU fans.  Yuck.  J 

I love these sister pictures. 

We’re glad to be home and have had a nice week.  Baby A is really mobile these days but she’s becoming a MUCH easier baby.  She will finally sit in the floor and play with her toys – all by herself. 

I love taking the kids swimming for a few reasons.  First of all, they love it and they have so much fun.  Secondly, if they’re in the pool, they’re not destroying something in the house.  Thirdly, it wears them completely out.  When we got home yesterday from Pt. Mallard, all three little ones were in their car seats asleep.  I woke up Yuri and Gigi and told them to crawl out through my door while I carried the baby inside.  I took Baby A inside and when I went back out to unload the car, this is how I found Gigi.  She made it halfway across the console and then face planted in my seat.  Sound asleep.  Haha.  Can you say tired?

And finally, I’m uploading this music video.  If Luke Bryan sees this, I’m sure he’ll want to hire them as backup singers. 

Sunday, June 10, 2012

My God Stop Moment

There’s something called a “God Stop moment”.  It’s when something happens that you KNOW is a God thing.  If you’re not paying attention, you’ll think you were just lucky or it was a coincidence.  Pay attention, and you’ll come to realize these moments for what they really are – GOD.

Here’s my God Stop moment –

Yuri is very maternal and nurturing, and she has loved Baby A since the first day she came to us.  

She plays with her and entertains her, and never loses patience.   

First, let me stress how much Yuri LOVES her iPod.  It’s her favorite possession in the whole world.  Really.  Second, let me stress how much Baby A likes to play the game “let me throw my toy and you get it for me”.   

Friday evening, on the way to pick up Karlie, Yuri was trying to make Baby A (whose Indian name would be Baby Who Hates To Ride in Car Seat) happy so she let Baby A hold her iPod.  Things seem to be fine until I glance over my shoulder and see Yuri with huge crocodile tears streaming down her face.  I look in the rearview mirror and see that Gigi’s eyes are as big as half dollars and she has that “oh, crap… someone’s in trouble and I hope it’s not me” look on her face. 

ME:                         What’s wrong????
YURI:                     Theeee babyyyy threwwww myyyy iPodddd outttt theeee windowwwwwwwww……wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Great.  I have no idea how long ago this happened… 2 seconds ago? 2 miles ago?  When I got to pick up Karlie, I checked diaper bag, the car seat and between the seat and door just to make sure she really did throw it out and it was nowhere to be found.  I got Karlie and we started retracing our route (approximately 6 miles), knowing fully well that it would be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Gigi, with her raspy little voice, says “I know right where it is. It’s over by where the cows are”.  Well, that might be good information if it weren’t for the fact that there are cows in EVERY pasture between us and home. 

We did look in the ditches and on the road, but that iPod was gone.  I promised Yuri I would get her another one as soon as I could get to town this week.  She cried and cried and cried.  And she asked me at least 50 times how much longer before I was going to town. 
We weren't expecting photographs. She looks like she's doing a remake of the movie "Nell"

The next day, I took the car seat out to wash it, and checked again just to be sure, but there was no iPod.  That evening, we were headed to a swimming party and Yuri asked me YET again when I was going to town.  I asked her if she was still mad at Baby A.   She leaned over, patted the baby on the hand, and said, “It’s okay, baby, I forgive you”.  Sweetness. 

At the swim party, it started to sprinkle rain, so I quickly gathered our stuff.  When I picked up the baby and her car seat, something fell at my feet.  Before I could look down to see what it was, I heard Gigi say, “Mommy!! I found Yuri’s iPod!!!”

There it was.  What in the world??  There was no way that iPod was in the baby’s seat the whole time.  No way!  We ran to the car and when we got there, I realized that I really needed to share with the girls what I knew had happened.  I said, “Yuri, you know what?  I think God found your iPod because he was happy you forgave Baby A.”  I know she didn’t really understand – she was just happy to have her beloved iPod back.  One day when she’s older, I want to remind her of this story and maybe she’ll have that same “God Stop moment” that I did. 

Gigi, on the other hand, was a little reluctant to give God ALL the glory.  As we’re driving away, I hear Gigi say, “Yep, Yuri… Me and Jesus… Me and Jesus found your iPod”. 
That smile says it all

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Big Bootie Judy

Well, the bedtime bowl of ice cream and two Honey Buns for breakfast has officially caught up with me.  I stepped on the scales last week to discover that I now weigh more than I did when I gave birth to my children.  I can’t wear any of my clothes and I’m basically just feeling depressed and crappy about the whole body image thing.  I put a new diet and exercise plan in action today, and I need your help.  I’m going to post updates on the blog, but feel free to check in on me anytime you want.  If you see me at a ballgame purchasing something junky (or worse…pulling in Sonic at 10 pm), be sure to call me out.  If you’re not comfortable confronting me face-to-face, just start oinking as I walk by and I’ll know I’ve been busted. 
My biggest worry is the exercise thing.  I’m having a hard time figuring out exactly when to squeeze that in.  I have always done best when I get up at 5 a.m. or so and get it over with.  Due to sporadic and ever­-changing sleep patterns amongst small children in my home (not calling names!), sometimes I’m just too sleepy to get up at 5 a.m.  Did I mention I HATE exercise?? People keep telling me that once I start, I will love it and never want to miss a workout.  Blah, blah.  Whatever.  I can promise you that won’t be the case.  
Tonight, I met Deborah after supper and we set out hoping to get in a couple of miles.  I won’t go into the story here, but try to picture a cemetery, 2 preschoolers, one baby, 2 teenage girls, 2 dogs, a stranger, and a SNAKE.  To say we got distracted would be a huge understatement!
As I’m keying in my final entry into the handy app on my phone, Willard offers his words of wisdom… “Instead of trying to lose weight, let’s just make it cool to be fat.”  Good plan, honey.  We’ll let that be Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t work out. 

Garnett catch-up time!

Wow.  I haven’t blogged in over a month.  May has historically been such a busy month for me, and 2012 was no different. 
 Here’s a  little bit of what has happened since the last blog – let’s play Garnett Catch-Up!! 

Me and Willard went with Scott and Cindy Anderson to Nashville to see Van Halen in concert.  Ummm….why didn’t someone tell me that David Lee Roth is gay??? I don’t care, but a little warning would have been nice. 


Haley Rae ended her high school sports career.  She had a great softball season.  I think she probably could’ve played college softball somewhere, but she just wasn’t feeling it.  She has played three sports for so long, and she’s just burned out.  We’re so proud of her though.  She made All-County and All-Area in volleyball, basketball, and softball.  She also made First Team All-State in volleyball.  That’s a big deal, folks. 

Hunter, as many of you know, had a bicycle wreck when he was 8 years old and knocked out his front two permanent teeth.  We were able to save one of them, but the roots never reattached, so we he would eventually need implants.  Well, that time has come.  He began the long process of extractions and bone grafting, and we should have implants in a little less than a year.  That is, *if* they decide he has finished growing.  Good grief… he’s 6’4”… surely!!! 

We celebrated the second anniversary of Yuri and Gigi’s Adoption Day.  We had to work hard to make these baby girls officially ours, so we intend to celebrate it every year. 

HALEY RAE GRADUATED!!! She graduated on a Tuesday night and left a couple of days later for a cruise to the Bahamas.  I haven’t had a chance to get all the details, but sounds like she had a great time. 
Partial family photo.  The little ones were scattered about.

Karlie is working hard on her tan…she spent last Saturday at the lake, Sunday at Point Mallard, Monday at the lake, Tuesday at Hartselle Pool, Wednesday at Point Mallard, and was back at Point Mallard on Thursday.  I lost count after that.  I’m fine with that because she’s always willing to watch the babies in the mornings or evenings if I need to run errands.  She really does get a good tan. I start referring to her as one of the brown kids around the first of July each year. 
This was after her FIRST day in the sun.  She doesn't burn and even with sunscreen, she just gets so brown.

Baby A is INTO EVERYTHING.  She’s 7 ½ months old now – crawling, pulling up, putting everything in her mouth.  Yuri is my little mother hen who keeps an extra eye on her, and that is coming in very handy.  Baby A doesn’t like to swing or jump or sit in her high chair.  She wants to either be held or be in the floor to explore.  She’s is extremely opinionated and not very flexible.  That’s code for – she’s spoiled rotten.  She’s very much a mama’s baby too.  She’s more attached to me that any baby I’ve ever had… that includes all biological, all adopted and all foster.  You’re gonna think I’m weird, especially since it’s not like she’s my first baby, but I can’t let her cry.  I know that it’s not going to kill a baby to cry a little bit, especially if you know they’re just having a fit, but I can’t let her.  The sound of her crying just cuts me in two.  So, yes, it’s all my fault that she’s going to be a brat that nobody wants to babysit. 
This is NOT Baby A - I googled "cute baby girl" and found this one.  I hate not being able to put her picture up. :(

Yuri and Gigi finished up their school year and are home for the summer.  It *seemed* like a great idea to keep them home with me all summer.  I figured I would have Haley and Karlie here to help when I have to work, and it would just be a laid back summer.  Not.  Haley and Karlie are never here.  Yuri and Gigi get bored and then they fight.  They destroy every room in the house.  As soon as I get one cleaned up, they start on another one.  And when they decide to be my “helpers”, it doesn’t always work out.  Like yesterday, when Gigi decided to mop my kitchen floor with BUBBLES.  I could have devoted an entire blog to that story. 
Hunter started a summer internship at Bunge and seems to really like it. I can’t believe he’s now a JUNIOR in college.  I feel so old.  We’ve got to go to Starkville and move him to his new house in July.  I guess I was na├»ve to think that he would want to live in the same place for the last 3 years of school.  The good news is that his new place is cheaper than the old place.

I better wrap it up. Karlie and whichever friends are piled up in her bed (I never know who will be here when I wake up) want me to drop them off at Point Mallard today.  Shocker. 
Sorry this blog was so long (and it really didn't have a point - ha!).  I'm trying to get back in the groove. 
Sneak peak for next blog - I'm starting a "Wall of Shame" for people who don't know how to park.