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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 28 - Thankful Blog - No more epilepsy jokes

In September 2004, we were in San Antonio, Texas, on a business trip for lawnmower dealers.  On Saturday, we had some free time and went shopping at a mall.  While I was shopping, Willard took a phone call and stepped outside but I didn't think much about it and kept shopping.  A couple of hours later, when we were finished and headed back to our hotel, he told me that it was my mom and she wanted us to know that Karlie (or "Sweet Pea", as he calls her) had a seizure of some kind.  I was immediately freaked out. (And I was MAD because he waited 2 hours to tell me) She had never had a history of seizures, she wasn't sick, no fever, etc.  My mom took her to the ER and they did a CT scan, but sent her home.  Mom told me she was doing fine and not to worry.  Yeah, right.  I was stuck in Texas for another 24 hours!  I found out later that Karlie had another seizure later that night.  Long story short, we ended up at Children's and she was put on medication.  After several abnormal EEGs, but no more seizure activity, she was given the diagnosis of epilepsy.  She has taken medication daily and except for a small issue with flashing lights at the Fair one year, she has done well.  Her neurologist told us there was a possibility she could outgrow it, but with her history of abnormal EEG after abnormal EEG, I was doubtful.  We were resigned to her taking a pill every day for the rest of her life.  It could be SO much worse, I know.

She had a regular checkup with her neurologist this month and he suggested we do another EEG.  He said if it turned out normal, she could stop her medicine.  Apparently she's at that age where sometimes the brain finds "new pathways" and skips the part of the brain that causes seizures. 

Crossing our fingers...

And the result is -

Woohoo!  No more medicine. 

And no more epilepsy jokes.  For a long time, Karlie was very anxious and insecure about her diagnosis.  In the past year, it's become somewhat of a joke.  When she does something dumb, or doesn't do what she's supposed to, she blames it on epilepsy.  Even though she hasn't had a seizure in 8 years.  So, ha! No more excuses, missy!

Today, I am thankful for this wonderful news!!

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