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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Day 21 - Thankful Blog - Bowling with the Family

Hunter’s new hobby is bowling.  He thinks he has what it takes to become professional.  If there’s one thing that boy has, it’s confidence.  He sometimes has it even when he shouldn’t.  Bowling would be one example.  Singing would be another, but you can’t convince him of that.  He is fully convinced he’ll be touring with the PBA one day.  He can’t decide if he should try out for “American Idol” before he joins the PBA or not… decisions, decisions. 

He is home for Thanksgiving and invited us to go bowling tonight.  Actually, he invited his dad and then I invited myself.  Father/Son  Night became Parents/Son Night.  And then Haley Rae invited herself, so it became (Part of the) Family Night.  We bribed Karlie to stay home with Yuri and Gigi, and my sister-in-law kept Baby A.  We ate at Red Lobster and it was nice to get to eat with my two oldest babies, even though they played on their phones and basically just took unflattering pictures of me (and themselves) to Snapchat to their friends.  

We were about to head over to the bowling alley, but not before we took a potty break.  And can’t leave the restaurant without a bathroom picture, right???


We had a really fun time bowling.  I think Hunter actually won every game.  This in no way makes him PBA eligible.  It’s just that the rest of us suck in a really big way. 
Here he comes... he thinks he's so good, but he's really not.  Shhhh, don't tell him.
I did bowl 140 one game, which I think is probably a record for me.  Willard had the worst night, coming in last every game except one.  But he still had a GREAT time.  Can’t you tell???


We really did have a good time.  Today I'm thankful that my kids occasionally want to hang out with the old folks. 

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  1. Willard needs to control his excitement just a bit better. I don't see how you put up with it.