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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 23 - Thankful Blog - A Day Late!

This is actually yesterday's blog.  I don't know what happened but it totally slipped my mind. 

For Day 23, also known as Black Friday, I am thankful for the large amount of testosterone that I have.  It is apparently what causes me to shudder at the thought of fighting thousands of people while shopping for bargains. 

It's also what drove me to attend two basketball games on Wednesday and two basketball games on Friday when I didn't even have a kid playing. 

I blame it for my love of NASCAR.  How many women do you know that almost get giddy over the smell of exhaust? It's got to be the testosterone. 

It's why I'd rather go bowling than to a nice restaurant. 

It's why I choose sleep over waiting in line at midnight to see the newest Twlight movie. 

It's why I watch SportsCenter every morning.  Even after Willard leaves for work, I find myself still watching.

It could be why I will chose a steak over salad every single time... but maybe not, because doesn't everybody do that?

So, yay for testosterone.  Except now that I see how much I have, coupled with that freaky throat hair gene that I inherited, I'm wondering if I'm really a man?!?!

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