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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Day 13 - Thankful Blog - My partner in crime

Today I am thankful for Danna.  She’s technically my husband’s niece, which makes her my niece by marriage, but that’s a weird way for me to think of her.  I don’t know how SHE feels about the age difference – it’s like 7 years – but I don’t FEEL like her aunt.  I just feel like her friend. And her partner in crime.  If I ever wanted to rob a bank, Danna would be my getaway driver.  If I ever needed to hack into a hospital to change DNA tests (okay, so maybe I've watched soap operas for too long), Danna would be my lookout.  For example, while Emily was giving birth to Olivia and the nurses weren't updating us as often as we'd like, we were kicking ourselves for not thinking to wear scrubs so we could walk around the hospital at will and find out whatever we wanted.  You think I'm kidding, but we could have such a killer private investigation company.  Or matchmaking company, as I've previously blogged about. 

Excuse me for a moment....

Dear Danna - I know you're having a heart attack over the picture.  I can't help it.  It was the ONLY picture I could find of you by yourself.  You need to do some of those self-portraits with the toilet in the background and upload them.  This one is cute, though.  I promise.   It looks like you're eating a sandwich.  Like chicken salad or something.  Nobody can tell it's a big wad of cookie dough. 

Okay, where were we....

As we’ve grown older, it has become increasingly more obvious to both of us how much we think alike.  We feed off each other in a way that could really become a problem if we were in the right (or wrong) situation.  When Danna mentioned moving closer to this area, Joseph (her husband) actually said that he didn’t know if me and Danna living in the same community would be a good idea.  What the heck? I think he’s just jealous because we have such awesome ideas. 

We often text each other the same things at the same exact time.  The same things outrage us.  We find the same things funny.  Or lame.  We have the same pet peeves.  And we understand each other, even when what we’re saying doesn’t make sense. Like the other day when I said, “We’re like a half of one brain”.  I meant “We’re like TWO halves of one brain”, but Danna totally got it even when I said it wrong.  I’m sure Joseph would say we’re actually more like the first statement, but I would just like to point out the little green monster again.

Hello!  My name is Joseph... I'm jealous because Danna
and Amy are SO cool and awesome. 


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