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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Six Flags!

We took a day trip to Six Flags over the weekend.  It was such a fun day.  It was Yuri and Gigi’s first trip to a theme park and they loved it.  Karlie and Braden went with us, and thanks to the great invention of the Flash Pass, they were able to ride and ride and ride…


Yuri and Gigi were pumped that they got to meet Sylvester. 

We did have one definite Griswold moment  -

I’m not good with directions – I will admit that.  To say that Willard is not good with directions would be a gross understatement – although he probably wouldn’t admit it.  We didn’t have our GPS with us for the trip because – really, it’s Six Flags…I could get there in my sleep.  Wellllll…. Apparently when you’re engrossed in lively and interesting conversation with your charismatic spouse, and there is no GPS voice to tell you where to turn, you might possibly miss the I-20 exit.  That part is understandable, right?  The really crazy and embarrassing (well, not embarrassing for me – I can always use the blond card – but embarrassing for the man of the family) is how you could drive almost to freakin’ CHATTANOOGA before you realize you’re going in the wrong direction.  Yes, that really happened.  It actually turned out okay because I thought Six Flags opened at 9 a.m. but it actually doesn’t open until 11 a.m. this time of year, so our little detour didn’t make us late.  Well, much. 

And the drive was very scenic. 

Six Flags is all decked out for Halloween this time of year and it’s pretty cool.  There are zombies all over the place. And I’ll admit, they are pretty freaky looking.  We found out the hard way that Karlie is scared to death of zombies.  At one point, a zombie girl started following her and Karlie very nearly ripped my clothes off trying to get away.  She screamed and ran and basically caused quite a commotion.  She even went as far as picking up Yuri and using her as a shield between herself and the zombie.  Way to go, Karlie.  Sacrifice the baby sister to save yourself.


I took a picture of the rules that are posted on the rides.  Take a look at the last rule-

In case you can't read it, it says: Guests must possess one full arm including hand and one full leg including a foot to ride this ride.

Now, that’s just odd to me.  I can’t imagine what situation arose to cause Six Flags to have to add that to their list of general rules.  Stay seated, secure all loose items, must have one full arm and one full leg… Wow. 

We finished the day by having supper at IHOP.  (If you haven’t had the sirloin tip and eggs… you simply must). Yuri made my heart smile when she turned around in her seat to talk to the people sitting behind us, and said “Yo’ baby is ‘dorable”.  She is her mother’s daughter!

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Happy Birthday, Baby A!!!

I can’t believe our baby girl is a year old.  That tiny little pink bundle that I picked up from the hospital last October is still a tiny little thing, but she’s full of sweetness and fire. 

Don’t tell my other kids, but I do believe she’s going to be our smartest child.  She already tries to put her on her own shoes.  She knows what to do with a crayon, a hairbrush, a makeup sponge, etc.  She only says a couple of words, but who needs words when you can dismiss a room with a grunt and the wave of your hand?

And watching her do the motions to “If You’re Happy And You Know It” just might be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

She has a strong opinion of who she loves the most (we all know who that is) and who annoys her (sorry, Haley Rae). 

Year One has been a joy and I hope I get to celebrate many, many, many more birthdays with this precious girl. 
Couldn't you just eat her up?!?!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Someone else's fart story

I really can’t believe that I’m posting a link about a fart, but I just can’t resist.  A friend sent me a text and told me to google “the fart that almost changed my life” or something like that.  I was driving when I got the text, so I didn’t do it.  And honestly, other people's farts just don’t top my list of things to talk about, read about, or be otherwise involved with.  What am I… a 12-year-old boy?  Then a few days later, she asked me if I checked it out.  I was driving again (yes, I drive a lot… my 2008 Tahoe has 160,000+ miles on it) so I kinda blew it off again.

Last night I was playing around on the computer because all my laundry was done, my house was spotless, and my perfect children were tucked neatly in the beds for the entire night.  And plus, I wanted to list my oceanfront property in Tennessee on eBay.   

Just seeing if you were paying attention.  Anyway, don’t judge me. 

I finally googled it.  And oh-my-gosh.  I nearly peed my pants. 

You must go read this.  But if you’re at work, or your kids are asleep, you might want to wait --  because you WILL laugh out loud. 

And just to clarify.  This story is NOT about me.  The person who farted – that was not me.  Just so we’re clear.  A lady named Anna Lind Thomas takes full credit for it.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brown Day

I got a text from Yuri's teacher yesterday that said:

"I have to tell you this... We were packing a note in our notebooks about tomorrow being BROWN day.  When I told them what the note was about, Yuri said, "Oh, I'm good for tomorrow because I AM brown". 


Sometimes people look at us funny when we refer to Yuri and Gigi as our "brown babies", as if it's some sort of racist comment.  Hellooooo... I adopted children of a different race and love them with every fiber of my being.  So shut it. 

Some of my favorite things are brown... caramel, Dr. Pepper, chocolate milkshakes, George Clooney's eyes (yes, I know he's a political idiot, but he's got gorgeous eyes, so shut it again).

And my two favorite brown things in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD - Yuri and Gigi.

So, in honor of BROWN DAY, I thought you might enjoy some pictures of my beautiful brown babies...

Happy Brown Day, y'all!!!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Gigi moment...

Gigi Moments…

This is just an explanation/warning in case Gigi comes up to you and says, “Look at my nipple”.  It’s not what you think. 

She was sitting on the bathroom counter while I was fixing her hair before school on Thursday morning.  She put her finger on her face and leaned into the mirror…

GIGI:              Look at my nipple!

ME:                 (Dumbfounded expression)

GIGI:              See it?

ME:                 Baby, that’s not a nipple.  It’s a little bump. (I say, with crinkles in my forehead because frankly I’m concerned that NIPPLE is the word she chose…what the heck?!?)

I walked into the den and told Willard what she had just said.  Without hesitation, he said “Pimple”.  Ohhhhh….PIMPLE!!!  NIPPLE…PIMPLE… they almost rhyme. They have almost the same letters.  Understandable mistake.  Whew.

On the way to school, I explained to her that she meant to say “Pimple”.  She said, “Yep, pimple.  That’s what I said”.  Well, no, it isn’t.  But okay.

We turned in the preschool parking lot and I tell her goodbye. 

“Bye, Mommy.  I hope nobody laughs at my nipple”. 
My sweet and funny girl!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

My daughter, the criminal...

Gigi got in the car yesterday from preschool and she was immediately squirming. 

ME:        Buckle up.

GIGI:     But, wait.  I need to tell you sumfin.

ME:        Buckle up, baby.

GIGI:     I need to tell you sumfin!!

ME:        Okay, tell me after you buckle up.  There are people waiting behind us.

GIGI:     No! It’s important...  I stealed a horse.

ME:        Huh?

GIGI:     I stealed a horse from the church. 

ME:        (sigh) Whyyyyyy?

GIGI:     I don’t know.  I didn’t mean to…  I DID mean to, but I’m sorry.  I will give it back.

ME:        Okay, leave it in your backpack and we’ll bring it back Thursday morning.

GIGI:     No, mommy!  I have to give it back RIGHT NOW.

So I pulled over out of the way of the other mothers, rolled down my window and hollered for one of the teachers.  I quickly returned the horse, apologized that my child is a thief, and drove away. 

As I drove down the road, I went from being mad and embarrassed to being proud of my little kleptomaniac.  She’s 4 years old.  I know it was wrong for her to take the horse, but the cool thing is - SHE knew it was wrong too.  That makes me happy.  And it makes me proud that she felt so guilty that she was confessing before we even got the car door shut. 

I’m pretty sure this was her first offense, and hopefully her last.  She does look cute in stripes, but I don’t want them to be part of her permanent wardrobe someday.