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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bring on 2015!!

Well, 2014 is gone and 2015 is here.  Ready or not!  My resolutions are usually related to weight loss, exercise, and laundry management.  This year I’m going to be more realistic, and I’m also going to make resolutions that matter so much more than what size my jeans are.

I resolve to be more patient with my littles.  When Yuri asks me for the 10th time in 2 hours if she can download a new game, I resolve to still say no….. but in a nicer way.  I resolve to change the sheets for the third time in a week because of an overnight accident with a smile on my face.  I resolve to belly laugh along with Aubree when we are watching the same episode of “Peppa Pig” for the 4th time in a row. 

I resolve to do the little things that make my husband happy.  I’ll make that enchilada casserole that nobody else in the family likes.  I’ll watch “Machinery Pete” or “Pigman” without rolling my eyes and making sarcastic comments.  I will cross my fingers that he thinks going to Talladega this year is a great idea, but I won’t throw a fit if he vetoes it. 

I resolve to listen to my big kids.  I mean, really listen.  I want them to tell me their dreams and their plans… what makes them happy, and what makes them sad.  I want to support whatever they want.  I just hope it doesn’t involve obliterating my checking account. 

I resolve to advocate for children who can’t advocate for themselves.  Becoming a part of CASA (court appointed special advocates) was one of the best things that happened to me in 2014.  It’s hard and it’s heartbreaking and it’s frustrating… that’s for sure… but it’s necessary.  Now that the need is so apparent to me, there’s no way I can turn my back on it.  I want to be the voice of the child in 2015. 

I resolve to be more tolerant to those around me who are so absolutely so ridiculous and annoying that I want to punch them right in the face.  I haven’t walked in their shoes.  Who knows, I might be equally as obnoxious if I had. 

And finally, I resolve to stop and smell the roses.  Life is passing us by, folks.  The years pass so much faster than they did when I was younger.  I notice things now that I never noticed before.  Sunrises, sunsets, leaves changing, flowers blooming.  I promise to slow 
down and enjoy what God has created. 

I hope you all have a healthy, safe, and blessed 2015!