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Monday, January 24, 2011

My favorite place...

Everybody has one place in their home they enjoy the most. Mine is the tub! If I'm tired, a bubble bath rejuvenates me. If I'm stressed, it calms me. If I'm cold, it warms me up. Most of all, it's the place I can go for complete silence. If mom's in the tub, everybody knows to stay away.

My favorite thing to do is climb in a tub of hot bubbly water with a good book. I've been known to eat my LUNCH in the tub on particularly crazy and stressful days. And before Biggest Loser started, I had formed a habit of eating a bowl of ice cream every night before bed - in the tub. I LOVE ice cream, but it makes me cold. And not many things make me as irritable as being cold. I remedied this issue by eating it in the tub so I could stay warm. Willard bought me a tub pillow last year and it's AWESOME. I can even NAP in there. Yes!!!

Lisa Terry got me one of those sayings that sticks to the wall. "HAPPINESS IS A LONG, HOT BUBBLE BATH". She said she saw it and immediately thought of me. Haha. It's VERY appropriate. I love it!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Belize anyone?

I have blogged before about Willard's out-of-the-blue ideas.  These are ideas that "come" to him, and he is immediately convinced that it's the right thing to do.  He has a hard time understanding why I'm sometimes skeptical, reluctant, or slow to come around. 

About six months ago, he called and it went something like this...
WILLARD: We're moving to Belize.
ME: Okay!!!!
WILLARD:  Seriously.
ME:  Okay!!!!
WILLARD:  Really.  I was reading about it online.  The cost of living is so cheap there.  We could sell our house and buy a nice house RIGHT on the beach, and have money left over! 
ME:  Sounds good.  Maybe someday.
WILLARD: No!  Right now.  Let's move!
ME:  We can't move.  We have jobs!
WILLARD:  You work from home, so we can live anywhere.
ME:  Ohhhh... I see.  So you want to move to Belize where I will work and support you. 
WILLARD: Exactly.  Well, I'll be a pool boy or something.

You're probably laughing right now, but you need to understand that HE IS SERIOUS.  If I would agree, we'd be soaking up the sun right now.  We keep frequent checks on the weather there, and it's 78 degrees today. 

Belize is located just below Mexico and right beside Guatemala.  The temperature stays in the 70s and 80s year round.  The official language is English. 

Isn't it beautiful?? 

I'm telling ya, after being snowed in for 4 days straight, supporting the hubby in Belize doesn't look too bad.  Hunter and Haley Rae are all in, but Karlie is holding out. 

So, for now, my family will have to deal with the FREEZING cold weather that Alabama has to offer... sigh...

BUT one day soon, if you notice we're missing, it could be that we decided to ride off into the sunset. To live in BELIZE!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Goodbye 2010!

Wow! 2010 was a roller coaster ride!!!

• The TIDE rolled in and brought home a National Championship.

• I turned the big 4-0!!In honor of my birthday, we took a 4-night cruise to Mexico. Woohoo!

• My baby girl became a teenager. Slow down, Karlie!

• Went to my favorite racetrack TWICE. Bristol, as usual, ROCKED!

• Gigi had ONE and ONLY ONE hospital admission for the whole year – Yesss!

• On May 11th, we officially became the parents of Yuri and Gigi Garnett. Awesome.

• Kept two sweet foster children for a few weeks – we miss you Minque and Ruben! Then we kept two more adorable foster babies for six weeks – we love you Big Baby and Little Baby!

• Saw Lee Greenwood in concert – he was as great as ever! And he loves me just as much as I love him. Shut up, he does!

• My boy turned 18, graduated from high school, left for Serbia for 2 months, and the moved to Starkville, MS to attend college. That’s TOO MUCH for one year!

• Haley Rae finally turned 16 – lookout roads – and boys!

• Spent a wonderful vacation at the beach – my kids all love the beach as much as me.

• Willard and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary. Looks like we made it!

• Yuri Elizabeth Garnett turned 4 years old. What a big girl she is! I remember the first time I laid eyes on her. I’m so glad she’s mine. I love that smiling face!

• Giovanna Grace Garnett turned 3 years old. This girl is everybody’s baby. I’m fairly sure she’s headed toward a life of crime, but there will be a line of people waiting to bail her out!!!

• Took a Garnett Family Trip to Gatlinburg for my mother-in-law’s 80th birthday and had a BLAST. These are the memories that my kids will remember forever.

Many, many more things happened in 2010 that are noteworthy, but I figure nobody really cares about all the little details. I just hope 2011 is as good as 2010. God Bless You All!