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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day 24 - Thankful Blog - Sit-on-my-butt Saturdays

For the past several years, as in 14 or so, we have rarely had a free Saturday.  Once the big kids started playing sports, those free days ceased to exist.  Now that Karlie is finished with volleyball, and the little ones aren't playing little league basketball yet, I'm rekindling my love affair with Saturdays. 

I started the day bright and early with Baby A.  She got up before 6:30 (she slept in this morning...really!) but we cuddled on the couch and dozed until Yuri and Gigi got up at 8:30.  I even cooked up a real breakfast, complete with biscuits, gravy, sausage, and eggs.  After they started eating, I said, "Is it good?".  Gigi replied, "Yes, mama, this Capri Sun is AWESOME".  Well, awesome.  Alright then. 

After that, we just had a day of pajamas, fuzzy socks and fleece blankets. The kids built a village of forts in my kitchen.  We made cupcakes and ate bean dip and fritos until time for "the" big game to come on.  (Roll Tide)  Then Yuri and Gigi were sent to their rooms to watch movies just in case Daddy needed to yell at the TV (he didn't). 

Even though I've been pouty because I had planned for us to spend our Thanksgiving break at the beach, I have to admit that this really has been a good holiday. 

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