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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Diet Sundrop

DSD (as I will refer to him) and I have had an intense relationship for several years.  He has a control over me that I cannot explain.  He’s the first thing I think of every morning.  I insist on taking him with me everywhere I go.  I’ve even smuggled him in suitcases to Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, the Dominican Republic.  It’s an obsession really.  I’m embarrassed to type out how often I see him in a day, but you would be shocked.  My family may run out of the toilet paper and milk, but there is always DSD. There are not many things in this world that I love more, but I have to confess that our relationship is in trouble.  My head tells me that it’s time to end it, but my heart breaks just thinking about it.  I can’t seem to lose weight and I think he’s part of the problem.   He keeps a tight hold on me, perhaps in fear that I will choose another drink over him? I’ve had terrible heartburn for several weeks, but instead of supporting me through it, DSD just makes it worse.  I know I should break it off, but I JUST LOVE HIM SO MUCH.   

I think it’s time that we do a trial separation at least.  Maybe we are destined to be together, just not 24/7.  I’m going to try my best to see him in moderation and not let him define me.  Normally, if you saw me out and about, DSD would be stuffed in my purse.  It’s time for me step out on my own and find myself again.  I can’t worry about what he thinks.  If he loves me, he will understand. 

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