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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Regarding My Future...

Me and Willard ate the Asian Buffet this week.  When our fortune cookies came, he opened his and handed it to me to read because he’s old and blind and can’t see the small print. 

His fortune said: A blonde from afar has something interesting for you. 


I opened mine and it was empty.  I said, “Oh, great.  I have NO future and you’re going to hook up with a new blonde.  Hope she likes kids”.

In a miraculous save, without missing a beat, he says… (in his most countrified accent)…

“No, no.  You don’t understand.  You ARE the blond.  You’re so smokin’ hot you MUST’VE come from a far.”


Now, if you’re Southern, you totally got it the first time you read it.  If you didn’t, read his comment out loud in a redneck accent. 
Bless his heart.

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  1. Bahahahahaha!!!!!!!! I got it the first time....something like farcraker farcraker boom boom boom...