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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Thank you!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for voting for my blog.  I am now officially on the list of Top 25 Southern Mom Blogs for 2012.  Yay! 

Several people have asked me what the prize is... well, it's basically just recognition from the Circle of Moms website.  They will do an article on the Top 25 and spotlight all the blogs that made it, so traffic should pick up significantly on my website.  I'm feeling pressured already.  Yikes!

I did, however, get an UNEXPECTED prize.  Chellie Cole showed up at church on Sunday with a BUTTERCREAM cake that she made just for me.  How sweet is she?!?!  
It was so yummy!!

Now, I hate to be a pest, but I need ONE more favor from y'all.  I have to answer a few questions for the upcoming article, and one of the things they want me to do is list a few my personal favorite blog entries.  I'm just not good at picking out my favorites.  I mean, I wrote them.  The ones I think are going to go over well when I'm writing sometimes fall flat, and the ones that I don't think are all that good get the most attention.  So... can you go back and read some of my posts and see if anything jumps as your favorites?  If there's one or two that you particularly like, just comment on my Facebook page. 

Here are a few of the older posts that I either particular liked, or I got a lot of positive feedback about:

* How Lluri Bargas Became Yuri Garnett:

* Dear Lady at Academy

* Don't Judge Me

* Mean Girls

* Willard and the possum

All of these were from 2010 and 2011.  I didn't link up any from 2012 because I figure they're still fresh on your mind.  

Let me know which ones you like the best.  It doesn't have to be any of these either.  It can be anything I've ever posted. 

Thanks again!!! 


  1. My top two:
    Don't Judge Me
    Buttercream Holiday (of course I would pick this one)
    Honorable mention:
    Willard the comedian's Jesus Text :)