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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oldie, but goodie!

I found this old video from a few years ago and I just had to post about it.  Let me give you a little history about what led up to it, and then I'll comment more after you watch it.

We had a "power team" come to our church one Wednesday night.  They would break boards with their body and stuff.  Hunter (my son) and Hunter Luker (his friend) were so impressed that they decided to try it when we got home. 

Do not read any further until you watch this video.  I promise you'll laugh.  And cringe.  And be horrified.

Now.  Let's discuss.

First of all, why hasn't somebody told me how REDNECK my accent is? I mean, I know I'm a redneck, but geez... We sound like we should live next door to Honey Boo Boo. 

I think the funniest thing is Willard laughing in the background.  Maybe it's only funny if you know him.  He rarely (okay, never) lets himself get that tickled - he keeps a tight hold on any emotion that might make him appear approachable.  Not lying.  I mean, we've got lots of pretty daughters.  He has to keep up that scary dad image.  (Keep up the good work, honey)

There were only two adults present, and we were both participating in this not-so-smart experiment.  Instead of calling 911, Willard is laughing so hard he is gagging.  I had concern in my voice, but notice that it wasn't enough concern to put the video camera down.  Not my proudest parenting moment.  Sorry about that, Hunter Luker. 


On another note, if you haven't voted today, please do.  Voting ends TOMORROW at 4 p.m.

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