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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Our trip to Savannah

Every September, the Ariens Company (maker of the Ariens and Gravely lawn equipment that Willard sells) has a Dealer Summit in some nice location and invites the top couple of hundred dealers in the U.S. and Canada.  We've been to San Antonio, Orlando, Hilton Head (twice), Destin, and this year Savannah.  We always have a great time.  Willard goes to class and meetings all day while I relax or shop or lay out in the sun. 

We checked into our very nice hotel and this was the view from our room.
We went to dinner that night and I just knew it was gonna be a good weekend.  Not only did we have chocolate cake - Ariens had chosen "MowMentum" as this year's theme, so everything was racing-related. 
We just happened to be seated at the table with one of the big wigs with the company.  I knew that Ariens/Gravely had sponsored the Petty car at a NASCAR race earlier this year, so I asked him if Richard Petty would be our surprise speaker.  He denied it and I was bummed.

Imagine my shock when I was laying out by the pool the next day and received this text from Willard:

Then my phone rang -

WILLARD:          I'm serious.  He's here now but he is about to leave.  You better hurry!
ME:                      I'm in my swimsuit!!
(I throw on my cover-up and start walking toward the Convention Center)
WILLARD:          You don't have time to change.  They chose 25 people who get pictures and autographs and then he's out the door.
ME:                      I want a picture.
WILLARD:         Well, too bad.  They chose 25.  There's 300 people here who want a picture.
ME:                      So, you'd get really mad if I bust up in there and get a picture... I mean, what can they do?
WILLARD:         Amy.  Seriously.  You better not cause a scene.  You can stand about 25 feet to the side of him and get a picture.
ME:                     But I want a picture WITH him.
WILLARD:        I'm serious.

And as I get to the Convention Center.... Wah La!
Haha suckers.  Y'all can all stand 25 feet away and get a picture.  I'm staking out the limo.

I went in and told Willard and Jamie (a dealer/friend from Russellville) that I was uncomfortable going in the building in my swimsuit and that I would just hang out by the limo for my picture.  I thought I saw a little bit of doubt in Willard's eye, but SURELY he knows me well enough to know I was GETTING THAT PICTURE.

Told ya.
On Friday night, we had some free time, so we went to eat with our Russellville friends at a restaurant that Melissa picked out, called The Olde Pink House.  It was DEE-LISH.  I meant to take a picture of my plate, but I didn't remember it until it was gone.  Just envision a 16 oz double-boned pork chop served with Hoppin' Johns?  (if you don't know what that is - I didn't - you can google it). 
 On Saturday, I spent my morning at the pool just reading and relaxing.  After lunch, Melissa and I took the ferry back across to do a little bit of shopping. 
We made a stop at the "The Lady and Sons" gift shop, which is right next door to the restaurant.  That is Paula Deen's restaurant, of course. 

Oh hayyyy, Paula!
I bought a signed cookbook, and I CANNOT WAIT to make the Ooey Gooey Butter Cake. 
(Lookout small group members - if it turns out good, I'll bring it Sunday night)

On Saturday night, we had our big awards banquet.  As we got dressed up, I decided to try to get a nice picture of me and Willard.  Can you say impossible?? 

I screwed this one up.  I got all caught up in the duck face. 

I don't even know... wolf impression, maybe?

 There we go... much better!


There are like 300 dealers invited to this shindig.  They give awards to the dealerships who sell the most in each category, and then they give away 5 awards called "Principle" awards.  These are basically just pat-on-the-back-good-job awards, but they are cool.  Out of all the dealerships in the U.S. and Canada, to be chosen is a pretty big deal.  Guess who won one of the awards?  Yep.  Garnett's Lawn Equipment!  Go us!

It really was a nice trip.  I got plenty of rest . Willard got to compare war stories with other dealers. And we got to see the beautiful city of Savannah.  And I'm gonna bet we see her again one day!!

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