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Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy National Siblings Day!

Oops.  I missed “National Siblings Day” so I’m doing a quick post to give my sisters a shout out. 
I’m the oldest sister, and the bossiest.  Bossy is such an ugly word.  Can’t we just say that I’m a leader? 
Lisa is the middle sister.  She’s the emotional one.  She wore her feelings on her sleeve as a child and I was always getting in trouble because I made her cry.  Could I help it she cried about EVERYTHING?
Marla is the little brother we wanted so bad.  She turned out to be an awesome little sister.  She respects my role as big sister and does exactly what I tell her to.
You KNOW it’s bad when you’re 5’8” and you’re the short, dumpy sister.  I got pregnant with Hunter, gained 50+ pounds and was never the same.  Lisa and Marla got pregnant, looked like supermodels the whole time, and wore jeans home from the hospital. 
Lisa lives about 30 minutes away so we don’t really do the clothes swap thing.   I do, however, swap clothes with Marla sometimes.  I know you’re rolling your eyes, like YEAH RIIIGHT!  But it’s true! Marla is about a size 6 but thinks she’s a 10…I’m about a size 14 but think I’m a 10.  We both buy 10s and she looks like she’s wearing a moo-moo and I look like I’m wearing spandex. 
And here’s a picture of my children and their siblings. I'm just throwing this one out there because they're so stinkin' pretty!!
Happy Siblings Day!!

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