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Monday, September 10, 2012


Dear Mr. Police Officer,

I hope you weren’t paying much attention to my family Friday night.  My girls were the two little cute ones who yelled out “There’s the Po-Po!” as we walked by you leaving the football game.  Please ignore Gigi, who told you that “You need to give my Mommy a ticket ‘cuz she drives WAY too fast”.  And definitely disregard Yuri’s statements of “Arrest her! Just go ahead and arrest her!” They were just kidding... I promise. 

We are currently having family talks about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate to talk about. 

APPROPRIATE:              I like your shirt.

NOT APPROPRIATE:     Your belly is chubby.  Do you have a baby in there?


APPROPRIATE:              My mommy and daddy’s bedroom is upstairs.

NOT APPROPRIATE:     I’m not allowed to go in their room because they need privacy.


APPROPRIATE:              Here is my dollar for Hat Day.

NOT APPROPRIATE:     Here is my dollar for Hat Day. My mom says it’s lame. 

I can’t even type out the inappropriate comments Gigi has made about why she never wants to have a baby.  I don’t think my dad reads my blog, but just in case he ever does, I couldn’t deal with the guilt of him having a heart attack on the spot.

P.S. Don’t forget to vote!!! 


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