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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Gigi stories...

Gigi has said some of the funniest things to me over the last few days.  Her personality cracks me up, and I figure I better blog it before I forget it.  Thank goodness for blogs and Facebook - I've never been very good with baby books and scrapbooks, etc.  If the internet ever disappears, I'm so screwed.

We went to Ryan's to eat after church on Sunday.  Okay, I know I already lost most of you.  So maybe it's not the hot spot of Decatur, but their fried chicken is DANG good.  And you never have to wait, which bumps it right up to the top of the Garnett family restaurant list. 

I noticed there were a lot of Hispanics there, mostly because I think Hispanic babies are the most beautiful in the world, and I was stalking a few of them. 

GIGI:      Mommy, why am I brown?
ME:         Because God made you that way.
GIGI:      (looks around for a second)... Brown must be God's favorite color.

When we left Ryan's, we went to Publix.  As we're checking out, the nice man who was our cashier says, "You sure are pretty!"

GIGI:      (looks at me) Is he talking to ME or you?
ME:        (nervous giggle, no eye contact with Mr. Publix) Ummm... you.
GIGI:      How come he doesn't think you're pretty too?
ME:        (geez...awkward...still not making eye contact with him) Ummm...
GIGI:      It's okay, Mommy, if you had on fancy clothes like me, he would say you are pretty too.  (she still had on her church dress)

Thanks, Gigi, for making even boring things like going to the grocery store, a true adventure!

She started to preschool this week and when I picked her up, this was the face that greeted me...

ME:      Did you have fun???
GIGI:    No! My teacher is mean. 
ME:      What? Mean? ....
GIGI:    Yes, she's mean.  She made us sit in our chairs the whole time and we couldn't play or nothin'!
ME:      (feeling disturbed but trying not to show it) Well, ummm, did you have fun with your friends?
GIGI:    No, I don't have any friends.  Nobody was nice to me. 
ME:      (rapidly progressing to panic mode, but before I could respond...)

GIGI:    APRIL FOOL'S!!!!!!!
Little monster!!!!! 

P.S.  Don't forget to vote! :)

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