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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Such a dilemma...

I know this person who is a foster parent and her social worker was making her bi-annual home inspection visit yesterday.  This foster parent wasn’t too worried about the house because it was clean cleanish kinda picked up, but her laundry was totally out of control.  Since there wasn’t time to catch it up, her options were:

a)     Put all the dirty laundry back in the drawers and closets and just pretend they were clean.

b)    Hide it all in the shower – if you have a see-through shower curtain, this is why you shouldn’t.

c)     Leave it out so the social worker can see it and know what reality is. 

What option do you think I, I mean, the person I know chose?


  1. Personally, I mean a person I know, once placed it all in a garbage bag & stuck it into the bathtub at the back of the house & pulled the shower curtain, so I bet your friend did just that!

  2. I'd go for number one. But then, you - I mean, your friend - could say the laundry wasn't done because she was spending so much quality time with the kids. Points for that! ;)

  3. #2 is the correct answer! But I did get lots of good ideas from people who know people who hide their laundry in various ways. So, hypothetically, if my laundry ever gets out of control, I know what to do.