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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Yep, they're mine.

When you have a biological child, they usually carry at least a few obvious physical traits that are similar to one or both parents.  When you adopt, sometimes there is little or no physical likeness….as is the case with Yuri and Gigi, of course.  But, never fear… they repeatedly do and say things that confirm the fact that they are indeed *my* children. 


Me:                 Yuri, are you ready for 1st grade?

Yuri:               No, because I really suck at math. 


Sitting at an intersection yesterday….Light turns green and cars in front of us are a tad bit slow to react…

Gigi:                Green means go, PEOPLE!!!  Get out of the way!


When I was tucking them into bed last night…

Yuri:               Ahhh.  I’m so glad it finally got dark.  I’ve been waiting all day to go back to sleep.

Yep.  Definitely my kids. 

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