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Friday, July 5, 2013

Meaningless thoughts from the brain of Amy...

Here are my random observations and thoughts for the day.  If you’re looking for something educational or even interesting, you should probably move right along.

Candy Crush is the new meth.  It’s a darn good thing I’m not influenced by peer pressure because you all (my so-called FRIENDS) keep trying to get me hooked on the stuff.  So far I’ve stood strong and refused all invites, but y’all need to leave me be. 

We’ve got 7 inches of rain yesterday.  ON THE 4TH OF JULY.  Do you know how bad that stinks? More rain today, more rain tomorrow.  Since it IS still a holiday weekend, though, I decided not to do anything productive.  If I had tried, I could probably have a clean house and all most some of my laundry done.  Instead, I’ve watched TV with kids piled all over me, tried to read (not effectively) and played a couple hundred rounds of Words With Friends.  You know you’re bored when you get all excited that you played the word “FART” for 61 points and had this conversation about it…


Speaking of the holiday, ummmm, who started the whole ’MERICA thing?  I understand it’s supposedly a redneck thing but I don’t buy it.  There is no bigger redneck than myself (and I say that with GREAT pride), and I do not say ‘Merica.  I’m sure there are more important things that should annoy me, but at this very minute, that’s right at the top of my list.  When this long holiday weekend is over, I’ll be glad to see two things leave us – the rain and ‘Merica. 

Now I feel bad.  I’ve been totally negative on this entire blog post.  That’s why Willard thinks my grandma name needs to be Gripey, I guess.  Sigh. 

I’ll end on a positive – We’re having a fish fry tonight and all my little chickees will be here.  Haley and Karlie don’t know it yet, but I’m going to make them stay home (for the second night a row – the horror!) and Hunter should be leaving Memphis on his way here shortly.  For a few blissful (because blissful is synonymous with loud and chaotic, right?) hours, we will all be together. 

Happy 4th of July!  God Bless AMERICA!!

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