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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Shhhh...she's asleep. Don't jinx me.

After months getting up a billion times a night, Baby A slept from 8:15 last night to 5:15 this morning.  Then, she woke up for about 15 minutes, went back to sleep, and is STILL asleep at 7:45.  Hold your applause, please.  This could be a fluke and I don’t want to get too excited.  You’re probably thinking I feel super rested today, huh?  Well, I don’t, because I kept waking up to check on her.  I came downstairs four times to make sure she was breathing. 
One morning this week, I found myself Googling "Guiness Book of World Records...number of times toddler wakes up in the middle of the night."  I thought we might as well get recognized for our achievement.  There is no such entry, of course, but if there were, we'd take the Gold for sure.  Another morning, after 5 hours of sitting upright on the couch with her on my lap and my legs curled underneath me, I realized I couldn't get up.  No, I mean, I COULD NOT GET UP.  My legs were in a perpetual bent position and they wouldn't straighten out.  After much popping, creaking and flexing, I was able to make it to the bathroom.  Ugh.  Let's hope those days are behind us.

Blogging is my on July to-do list.  I’ve been really slacking and I miss it.  Honestly, with Baby A’s sleep pattern (which resembles that of a colicky newborn), it’s just hard for my poor brain to string together a coherent sentence. 

We did have an awesome beach trip a couple of weeks ago.  Except for Hunter, who had to work, it was a true family trip with no extras.  I can’t remember the last time (if ever) that has happened.  Haley and Karlie usually want to take a friend.  It’s awesome that they now consider themselves friends with EACH OTHER.

I’m going to try to blog about the trip soon  - so stay tuned!

P.S. Baby A woke up at 8:03.  I’m so impressed and holding my breath that this a new trend!

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