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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Oh, the drama...

Gigi has been working on her Christmas list.  #1 thing on the list?  A bodyguard.  Yes, apparently she feels like she needs one.  I guess he’ll drive her to kindergarten and wait outside in the hallway all day?  Maybe if Mrs. Stinson needs copies made or anything cut, Mr. Bodyguard can help out…

A few days ago, the little girls were playing baby dolls and I overheard this –

Yuri:               Where does your husband work?

Gigi:                My husband? Oh, he’s dead.

Yuri:               Oh my goodness, that’s terrible.  What happened?

Gigi:                He died.

Yuri:               But how???

Gigi:                He got shot in a shootout. 

Ah.  It makes sense now.  If YOUR husband got killed in a shootout, you’d probably want a bodyguard too. 

Does anybody how to get in touch with Dr. Phil?  I need his take on this. 

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