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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Thankful blog - Day 6 - preschool teachers

Today I am thankful for the wonderful pre-school teachers at Fairview Child Development Center. Yuri has Mrs. Maegan. You never know how your child acts when they’re away from you, but I have a feeling Yuri is telling ALL the family secrets. She couldn’t keep a secret if her life depended on it, so if she thinks it’s juicy, you can bet she’s going to tell anybody who will listen. I’m thankful that Mrs. Maegan is discreet.

Gigi has Mrs. Melanie, but when Gigi says it, it comes out “Miss Mel-a-lee”. I hear “Miss Mel-a-lee said…” a million times a day. Here are some of the things that have stuck out lately.

“Miss Mel-a-lee says it’s nice to share”.

“Miss Mel-a-lee says I can’t say Roll Tide in her class”. (haha)

And my personal favorite…

“Miss Mel-a-lee says whenever you are in the dark, don’t be scared ‘cause God is with you the whole time”.

Thank you, ladies, for taking good care of my babies!

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