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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thankful blog - Day 28 and Day 29 - All My Children

I am thankful for my kids. Since I have so many, I’m going to use this post for Day 28 AND Day 29.

I am thankful for my handsome son, Hunter. I’ve learned over the past year that as smart as he may seem, I have to remember that he’s still a kid and doesn’t always make the best choices. I know he’s mine and I’m probably biased, but I honestly believe this child is gifted. He has the ability to do anything he wants with his life and be successful at it. There aren’t many 19-year-old boys who can carry on a conversation with a child, an elderly person, or the Governor, and be equally comfortable with all three of them.

I am thankful for Haley Rae. She’s as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside, although she tries hard to keep that a secret sometimes. She is the first one in the family to fall in love with our foster babies, and has such a soft spot for the underdogs in life. She puts up such a wall and seems so tough, but she’s all soft and gooey on the inside. I watched her grow in her faith over this past year, and I’m proud of her beyond words.

I am thankful for Karlie. I have so many responsibilities, and I couldn’t do it all without Karlie. She’s so helpful with the babies. She will do whatever I ask, and usually with minimal complaints. She has such a sweet spirit. Karlie wants to save the world. I see her doing something with her life that helps other people. You know how no matter how many kids are in a family, there’s usually one that takes over as the caretaker for the elderly parents? Well, I think Karlie will be our caretaker. 

I am thankful for Yuri. It’s all thanks to her that our lives took this dramatic turn. She’s the one who flashed those big brown eyes and that dimpled, gummy smile at Willard and won her way into our home. She also may be the child that puts me in the looney bin. She’s 5 going on 15, and it’s not good. She has attitude that my older girls didn’t develop until they were tweens. But anytime I get aggravated with her, I can go back and read the article about how she came into the foster system to begin with, and any irritation I have immediately dissolves. She’s my miracle baby and I love her so much.

I am thankful for Gigi. My bay-bay. Baby G. Ask any of the other kids who our favorite child is and they’ll all say Gigi. We just laugh and say it’s because she knows the tricks. She’s so sweet and loving. She wants to cuddle and hug all the time. If the rest of them were so affectionate, they might get special treatment too! That child has more personality than anybody I’ve ever seen. She’s not as outgoing in public as Yuri, but if you ever sat down one-on-one with her, she would crack you up. She’s so funny - and smart!

I am thankful for our new baby girl. She’s 6 weeks old today and has brought so much happiness to us already. She is truly the best baby ever. She eats and sleeps and never fusses. I wish I had a crystal ball so I could see her future, but I can’t. We’ll just give her all the lovin’ her little self can take for as long as we have her.

I am so blessed!!! Did I mention that they’re ALL beautiful??  See for yourself!

There are rules against posting pictures of foster children, so I can only post one where her face is not visible. Just use your imagination… her face is just as sweet as the back of her head!

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