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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Thankful blog - Day 11, Day 12, Day 13

I fell behind this weekend on my blog so I’m combining three days into one blog.

Day 11 – I am thankful for weekends. Sometimes they’re as busy as the work/school week, but this time of year is the exception. There are no volleyball tournaments and no softball tournaments, so I actually find myself having Saturday mornings semi-free. I love shows like “Sell This House” and “Flip This House”, but hardly ever get to see them. I must admit that Sundays are not a relaxing day for me. Getting everybody up and ready for church is a stressful thing, but I try to relax on Sunday afternoon by watching the race or taking a jeep ride if the weather permits.

Day 12 – I am thankful for DVR. Isn’t it fabulous? I don’t watch a lot of “live” TV, but I DVR several shows to watch when I’m up at night with babies or just when I’m folding clothes, etc.

Day 13 – I can’t even begin to tell you how thankful I am for the Heimlich maneuver. On the way home from church this morning, Yuri was sitting in the 3rd row seat with Karlie when she made a weird sound and Karlie yelled “What’s wrong with her?!?”. I looked and Yuri was doing the classic “I’m choking” hand motion. Her face was basically maroon and she was flailing her arms around. Karlie unbuckled her from her booster seat and handed her out the door to me. On the side of the road, I did the Heimlich until she threw up. She ultimately had to throw up three times before the piece of hard candy finally came out. I was SCARED to death! I know people mean well when they hand out candy to kids, but I doubt I EVER allow my kids to accept a piece of peppermint again. I’ve already had them practicing their response when someone offers them hard candy… “Thank you but my mama says I can’t eat hard candy because I might choke to death and then she would be very sad”.

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