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Monday, December 3, 2012

Meet our Elf...Kyle Busch

What family forgets what they named their Elf last year?  Um, mine.  We were riding down the road on Friday night discussing the possibility that Santa MIGHT send our Elf back to us a little earlier this year when I realized I couldn’t remember what we called him.  I remember Hunter wanted to name him Will Ferrell and one of the girls wanted to name him Baby Jesus, but I think we went with something a bit more generic.  Anyway, I made a tactical mistake and said, “So what should we call him?” 
Remember how I told you that Yuri and Gigi take turns with “their day”, and they get to basically call the shots on “their day”.  Yeah, well, Friday was Gigi’s day.  Before I even get the question out of my mouth, Gigi yells out, “I want to name him Kyle Busch!!!”  Holy crap.  A tiny part of me was thrilled that she wanted to name him something associated with NASCAR, but a larger part of me was horrified that KYLE BUSCH was the first thing that popped in her head.  Had Willard not been in the car with me, I would have nixed it in a clever way that made it seem like HER idea, but he jumped all over it.  Kyle Busch it is. 
So… introducing Kyle Busch, the Elf.  We’re going to call him “KB” for short. 

If you’re wondering why he’s in a body cast, read yesterday’s blog here.

I’m thinking there may be an elf in the North Pole named Kevin Harvick who put KB in the wall. 


  1. Oh that' too funny! I clicked on your link first when I saw "Kyle Busch" in there. I always thought his brother Kurt looked like an elf-like Herbie on Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, don't you agree?

    Now you've made me want an elf even more-just for the funny stuff! I could name mine Kevin Harvick... he's ornery enough (I'm a huge fan). Hmmm... I could have a whole elf pit crew.

    Hilarious... now I will have to back track for the whole story!

  2. Ohhhh, Kurt DOES look like Herbie! haha

    I'm a Kevin Harvick fan too. I'm a race fan, in general, but I don't like either of the Busch brothers. I swear my husband is a Busch fan just to tick me off. He LOVES the fact that Gigi likes Kyle. Ugh.