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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Willard and the possum

My husband frowns upon me using him as a subject for any blog or Facebook status.  This is very unfortunate because I would LOVE to be able to blog about his encounter with a possum in our garage last night. 

If I were allowed to tell the story, I would love to be able to describe how he came upstairs at bedtime and nonchalantly mentioned that there was a possum hiding in the garage.  And how he seriously expected to LEAVE it there for me to deal with in the morning.  If he wouldn't get upset, I would tell you how I had to play the "Be A Man!" card to get him to go back downstairs and get rid of it.  He wouldn't want anybody to know this, but he is a bit skittish around critters... rats, spiders, snakes, and apparently possums.  Gosh, I wish I could tell you about how he chased it with my yellow broom, but I don't want to make him mad. 

Maybe one day he'll give me permission to use him in my blogs.  Until then, though, I better not mention him. 

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  1. Hilarious! Just the title of this post is sure to get lots of attention :)