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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Extra Buttons

I got a cute new shirt last week at Cato. It’s pink, with a band around the waist. The jury is still out on whether it’s flattering or not. Drawing attention to the mid-section is not usually a good thing, but we’ll see. Anyway, that’s not the subject of this blog. The subject is that little pack of extra buttons that comes with some items of clothing. I’m just wondering…what’s up with that? I may TOTALLY be in the minority, but I’ve never once used an extra button. I appreciate the thought though. It’s awfully nice of the manufacturer to stick a little extra something in for the consumer, but if they really wanted to be helpful, they could probably come up with something a little better than extra buttons.

Maybe they could stick in a piece of gum. I try to keep gum in my purse, but my kids are bad to steal it. Then when I need it the most, I can’t find any. It would be a handy item to have extra of.

Or SALT. Yes! I always forget to ask for salt when I go through a drive-thru and then I have to eat bland fries. I could always use extra packs of salt.

How about chocolate? Wouldn’t you like have a couple of Hershey Kisses with each new clothing purchase?

Tokens for the carousel at the mall would be good too. I never can get that machine to take my dollar bills.

Or how about happy pills? Prozac with pants, Cymbalta with shirts, Valium with dresses. Talk about a boost to the economy! I may be onto something here.

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