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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Genoa City Leisure Club... I mean JAIL

I really hope I never have to go to jail. I think that’s a given. BUT, if I do, I hope my jail experience is as good as Sharon Newman’s.   Sharon got convicted of murder for pushing another woman into a volcano in Hawaii.  She didn't really do it, so we all know she'll get off eventually, but for now she's "stuck" in jail.  Poor Sharon.

Has anybody else noticed that she has like 6 visitors every day? Sam, Victor, Adam, Jack, Avery… they seem to show up every day. For a woman facing 30 years in prison, she has some serious social interaction! Between running to the jail and to Billy’s trailer, I don’t know how Victor ever gets anything done. I digress here… this blog is supposed to be about Sharon, but I just have to say that Victor is really beginning to annoy me. I think I’ve always overlooked his egotistical, holier-than-thou attitude because I somehow found his accent/speech impediment somewhat appealing. But he’s really sticking is old, rich nose into stuff that he just needs to stay out of.

Anyway, back to Sharon…. Isn’t her hair gorgeous? Our local sheriff should contact the folks at Genoa City Jail and ask them what kind of shampoo/conditioner their inmates use. Sharon’s hair is absolutely luscious! It shines like she has a salon-do every day.

Even her nails look fabulous. I noticed she’s moved from a French manicure to a more natural-looking American manicure. I guess maybe her jail job makes it hard to keep the French manicure up. Or maybe the nail salon at the jail is limited on what they can do. In any event, her nails look awesome.

I even like the wardrobe. Now, I’m by no means an expert on prison attire, but I thought most of them wore scrub-like uniforms in unflattering colors. Sharon gets to wear a fitted denim button-up (unbuttoned to the mid-sternum area to show the pristine white cami) and some really cute jeans. I couldn’t SWEAR on it, but I’m pretty sure she had on black TOM’s with her outfit.

Poor Sharon.  Next thing you know, they'll be serving her cheese to go with that whine.

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