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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Better him than me!

I wish you could have heard Willard tell this story firsthand, but since you missed it, I’ll do the best I can to retell it.

SCENE: Willard goes into KFC yesterday for lunch and places his order.

KFC cashier: That will be $4.87.

Willard: Really? That’s cheap.

KFC cashier: Yes, sir. Tuesday is Senior Day, so it’s half off.

Awkward pause.

Willard: Senior Day? Senior CITIZEN Day?

Another awkward pause.

KFC cashier: Oh… gosh… Are you not over 55?

Awkward pause #3.

Baaahaaahaaaa. He’s laughing when he tells me this, trying to act all nonchalant like it didn’t bother him. But seriously? He’s 43! To me, that ranks right up there with being asked when your baby is due when you’re not pregnant. Or being asked how old your grandchild is, when you’re actually the mother.

The moral of this story – stay away from KFC on Tuesday’s unless you’re brave enough to put your ego in extreme danger.

Chinese buffet anyone?

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