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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Break-ins in our community

There have been a whole bunch of break-ins in our community over the past few weeks. I don’t know exact numbers, but I’m guessing at least a dozen in the past 2 weeks. These are prominently happening during the daytime, but there have been a couple of instances where someone tried to break-in at night when homeowners were actually inside the house.

I have a few opinions on who the culprits are. Keep in mind…these are just MY opinions. I’m not trained in law enforcement or anything, but I watch “Law & Order” all the time. And I’m still crushing on Magnum, P.I. – even after all these years.

Seriously, though. I think we’re looking for at least two people, most likely males. I believe they are locals. I think they know every single person they’ve burglarized. I think they are lazy, unambitious individuals who probably have a history of some kind of drug use/abuse. They’re too sorry to get jobs like the rest of us, so they steal from hardworking people and pawn off our possessions. Because the break-ins have basically occurred in a small geographical area, I believe they live somewhere within that area. Folks, if that’s the case, it means you’re being violated by your NEIGHBOR. This is quite possibly someone you’ve seen or even spoken to at the store, at West Park, at a football game…

These guys are getting cocky and seem to think they can get away with it forever. Their sub-par IQ levels cause them to believe that they’re too smart to get caught. Well, they better just hope they get caught soon, because the alternative is not good for them. Someone is going to get hurt or even killed. Everybody has their pistols out, loaded, and ready to shoot. I don’t even LIKE guns, but I know how to use one and I will not hesitate to pull the trigger if someone breaks in on me or my family.

Attention Parents!! I started thinking about something yesterday that made me VERY nervous, and this is actually the reason I decided to blog about it. Cooler weather and football season is here. What that usually also brings is a new season of yard rollers and ditch knockers. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE caution your children about this. The absolute worst thing they could do right now is be walking around someone’s yard at night. People are in the state of mind to shoot first and ask questions later.

Keep your eyes open. Watch out for each other’s property. If you see a suspicious person or vehicle, call 9-1-1. Write down the tag number of any suspicious vehicle. And if someone tries to break into your home, pull the trigger.

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  1. GOOD thinking It is way to dangerous for kids to roll yards these days! unless it is a planned thing like a lock in or something and I am locking down my fort daily because i stay home alone with no vehicles here , makes me nervous I have a gun and i was taught to never point it unless i plan to kill someone with it so if you see my gun get ta gettin ..I live very close to where some speculation is on who is doing this stuff within walking distance...scary plus one neighbor went to jail last week for cooking meth , another for domestic violence ? are we In NEEL ?? we need to pray for our community ....thanks for the blog!