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Monday, January 21, 2013

My Life Flashed Before My Eyes

I was lucky enough to have four babies who slept like dreams.  Hunter slept. Haley Rae slept. Karlie slept.  Yuri slept.  Then came Gigi, who never slept.  In her defense, she couldn't breathe and she was nearly always on steroids.  But still, she didn't sleep.  Last January she got her tonsils out and it was like a miracle had occured.  She sleeps!

Baby A was a good tiny baby sleeper.  Then around the time Gigi got her tonsils out, Baby A got RSV and was pretty sick for several days.  That did it.  She got accustomed to me holding her while she slept, and she fell into a terrible routine of waking up every 2-3 hours.  Sigh.  So, for the next year, she (and thus me too) were in newborn mode.  It's just been in the last couple of months that she is FINALLY sleeping, but every little thing is a potential disruption.  You'd think she would be used to noise, but she's a very light sleeper.  Any amount of sugar or caffeine can disrupt her sleep for the night, or even a couple of nights.  Needless to say, I'm pretty freaky about what she eats or drinks, especially late in the day.

You've heard people talk about getting so scared they "saw their whole life flash before their eyes" or so scared that it took 10 years off their life?

Well, I can relate.  That very thing happened to me Saturday when I was cleaning the kitchen and turned around to see this...

People, that's a Red Bull.  And that's my 15-month-old KILLING it. 

Luckily for Willard (who is the only person in our house who drinks Red Bull), I soon realized this was an empty can that he left by his recliner.

This picture, by the way, is a reenactment.  I'm embarrassed to say that when I first saw her with the can turned up, I lunged like I was saving her from the path of an oncoming train, and knocked it out of her hands.  She cried, but I think it was more from being scared than being hurt.  Serves her right. I guarantee she wasn't NEARLY as scared as I was.

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