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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Busy weekend!

We had a New Year’s weekend that was packed with activity. 

On Saturday, my side of the family got together at the ice skating rink to celebrate Carson’s 9th birthday.  This will be Carson’s last birthday as the baby of the family, as I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Marla is pregnant.  I will be an aunt again sometime in late August and I AM SO EXCITED.  Baby A will have a cousin to play with!
They were being goofy but had fun
Hunter thought he was an Olympian in training...
Cute girls with zombie eyes
Well, that's attractive...

Braden, Yuri, and Karlie

And then on Sunday evening, Willard suggested we go to a movie.  A LATE movie.  I was nervous about it because I’ve never been able to stay awake during a late movie.  Even when I was younger and got plenty of sleep – my body just shuts down around 10:00.  Well, I can honestly say I didn’t get sleepy at all.  It’s likely because of the creepy guy in the theater with us.  There were a total of 5 people seeing this movie.  Me, Willard, a mother, her teenage son, and creepy guy.  Me and Willard sat dead center back row.  Mother and son sat over on the side section to our right.  Creepy guy sat in about 7 different seats before deciding on the seat TWO SEATS AWAY FROM ME.  That’s when I noticed it.  The loudest, most distracting breathing I’ve ever heard.  Dude definitely forgot his CPAP.  So, between his general creepiness and his Darth Vader-like sounds, there was no chance I was getting sleepy.  Every time he leaned down to tie his shoes (which was every 2 or 3 minutes) or took his jacket off or put it back on (which was at least a dozen times), I envisioned him pulling out a weapon.  My imagination was in overdrive, which at least kept me wide awake!
The movie was pretty good.  We saw “Jack Reacher”, starring Tom Cruise.  I’m not a big Tom fan, but he was able to channel his cocky-little-peckerhead persona into this role and it was pretty believable.  Not the best movie I’ve ever seen, but not the worst either. 
On New Year’s Eve, we had our family Christmas with Willard’s family.  These family gatherings are always packed full of noise, laughter, good food, and hours of Rook. 
The men folk cooked about 450 pieces of fish for us, and it was yummy!
A few things never change -  
Willard can usually be overhead offering someone a ridiculous amount of money to jump in the pool naked. 
Everybody talks at the same time and nobody listens to the Dirty Santa rules, and thus the rules get argued over and changed mid game.
Joseph and I eat enough fish to kill a walrus. 
One thing different this year – Lanett brought a TASER as their Dirty Santa gift.  Imagine a TASER in the hands of Willard or Marty.  Scary, huh?  I had to rule with the iron fist and stop all the fun before it even started. 
Baby Olivia made her debut looking all adorable and happy!

And, as I warned on Facebook, I brought some really crappy Dirty Santa gifts.
The Tennessee Santa Hat started showing up at our Christmases a few years ago.  The lucky owner for 2013 was Jason.
Roll Tide and Happy New Year!

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