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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Irritable or Justified?

My family thinks I'm irritable.  Let's be honest here, nobody is all smiley and happy EVERY SINGLE DAY.  We all have days when we're maybe a tad bit grumpy.  Will some of you back me up when I say that just because I'm irritable, it doesn't mean I have hormone imbalance?? Even as young as Yuri and Gigi are, they will ask me if I missed a hormone pill.  That, by the way, irritates me more than I can say. If I’m irritable and you ask me how many pills I’ve missed, then I am going to assume your goal is to make me MORE irritable. 

Today, for example, things bothered me that I would normally just deal with.  Personally, I think I'm justified.

I accidentally bought Select-A-Size Bounty paper towels instead One Sheet Bounty.  That moment when I rip off a paper towel expecting it to be a full size and I get a KLEENEX size instead, gets under my skin like you cannot even imagine.  Some of you are thinking how weird I am right now, but I know there’s somebody out there who feels me.

We had a snow today.  A freaky, 2-inch snow that I quite honestly wasn’t expecting, but it was fun.  Until they all came in dumping wet clothes and wet boots all over the house!  I realize we don’t get snow very often, so I went with the flow.  No biggie. But then tonight, HOURS later, when I stepped in a cold puddle of water while wearing my SOCKS, I wanted to strangle the weatherman.  Yes, I am aware that the weatherman does not control the weather OR the puddles in my house, but I need a fall guy. 

And then, after I got the last small child asleep and tucked into bed, I went into the kitchen for a bedtime snack only to find that someone ate the last box of white fudge Oreos.  For a reason that I cannot explain, I took this as a personal slam against me.  That nobody took into consideration that I would probably love to have the last cookie.   

And finally, you all know about my love of Diet Sundrop.  My attempt to break off our relationship failed miserably.  We renewed our vows and nobody will come between us.   It irritates me when my family comments on my consumption.  It REALLY irritates me when a certain son of mine sends me videos like this…
He thinks I'm creepy.  Well, I think he's annoying.  

I'm gonna take my grumpy butt to bed.  Good night, y'all! 


  1. ok 1st my husband calls me grumpy all the time too, so it's not just you. 2nd I hate those paper towels too, and can't figure out why anybody would want or need them. 3rd -my addiction is to diet mt dew and I don't like that video either. 4th I think we have a right to be grumpy if you like me are constantly having to pick up after small children and husbands until the point that it makes you grumpy!!! LOL

    1. Amen! I do EVERYTHING around here. My big kids will help with the little ones, as far as entertaining, but NOBODY does any cooking or cleaning or laundry. So yes, I get grumpy.