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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Six Flags!

We took a day trip to Six Flags over the weekend.  It was such a fun day.  It was Yuri and Gigi’s first trip to a theme park and they loved it.  Karlie and Braden went with us, and thanks to the great invention of the Flash Pass, they were able to ride and ride and ride…


Yuri and Gigi were pumped that they got to meet Sylvester. 

We did have one definite Griswold moment  -

I’m not good with directions – I will admit that.  To say that Willard is not good with directions would be a gross understatement – although he probably wouldn’t admit it.  We didn’t have our GPS with us for the trip because – really, it’s Six Flags…I could get there in my sleep.  Wellllll…. Apparently when you’re engrossed in lively and interesting conversation with your charismatic spouse, and there is no GPS voice to tell you where to turn, you might possibly miss the I-20 exit.  That part is understandable, right?  The really crazy and embarrassing (well, not embarrassing for me – I can always use the blond card – but embarrassing for the man of the family) is how you could drive almost to freakin’ CHATTANOOGA before you realize you’re going in the wrong direction.  Yes, that really happened.  It actually turned out okay because I thought Six Flags opened at 9 a.m. but it actually doesn’t open until 11 a.m. this time of year, so our little detour didn’t make us late.  Well, much. 

And the drive was very scenic. 

Six Flags is all decked out for Halloween this time of year and it’s pretty cool.  There are zombies all over the place. And I’ll admit, they are pretty freaky looking.  We found out the hard way that Karlie is scared to death of zombies.  At one point, a zombie girl started following her and Karlie very nearly ripped my clothes off trying to get away.  She screamed and ran and basically caused quite a commotion.  She even went as far as picking up Yuri and using her as a shield between herself and the zombie.  Way to go, Karlie.  Sacrifice the baby sister to save yourself.


I took a picture of the rules that are posted on the rides.  Take a look at the last rule-

In case you can't read it, it says: Guests must possess one full arm including hand and one full leg including a foot to ride this ride.

Now, that’s just odd to me.  I can’t imagine what situation arose to cause Six Flags to have to add that to their list of general rules.  Stay seated, secure all loose items, must have one full arm and one full leg… Wow. 

We finished the day by having supper at IHOP.  (If you haven’t had the sirloin tip and eggs… you simply must). Yuri made my heart smile when she turned around in her seat to talk to the people sitting behind us, and said “Yo’ baby is ‘dorable”.  She is her mother’s daughter!

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