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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Another Gigi moment...

Gigi Moments…

This is just an explanation/warning in case Gigi comes up to you and says, “Look at my nipple”.  It’s not what you think. 

She was sitting on the bathroom counter while I was fixing her hair before school on Thursday morning.  She put her finger on her face and leaned into the mirror…

GIGI:              Look at my nipple!

ME:                 (Dumbfounded expression)

GIGI:              See it?

ME:                 Baby, that’s not a nipple.  It’s a little bump. (I say, with crinkles in my forehead because frankly I’m concerned that NIPPLE is the word she chose…what the heck?!?)

I walked into the den and told Willard what she had just said.  Without hesitation, he said “Pimple”.  Ohhhhh….PIMPLE!!!  NIPPLE…PIMPLE… they almost rhyme. They have almost the same letters.  Understandable mistake.  Whew.

On the way to school, I explained to her that she meant to say “Pimple”.  She said, “Yep, pimple.  That’s what I said”.  Well, no, it isn’t.  But okay.

We turned in the preschool parking lot and I tell her goodbye. 

“Bye, Mommy.  I hope nobody laughs at my nipple”. 
My sweet and funny girl!

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