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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Brown Day

I got a text from Yuri's teacher yesterday that said:

"I have to tell you this... We were packing a note in our notebooks about tomorrow being BROWN day.  When I told them what the note was about, Yuri said, "Oh, I'm good for tomorrow because I AM brown". 


Sometimes people look at us funny when we refer to Yuri and Gigi as our "brown babies", as if it's some sort of racist comment.  Hellooooo... I adopted children of a different race and love them with every fiber of my being.  So shut it. 

Some of my favorite things are brown... caramel, Dr. Pepper, chocolate milkshakes, George Clooney's eyes (yes, I know he's a political idiot, but he's got gorgeous eyes, so shut it again).

And my two favorite brown things in the WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD - Yuri and Gigi.

So, in honor of BROWN DAY, I thought you might enjoy some pictures of my beautiful brown babies...

Happy Brown Day, y'all!!!


  1. Amy your " Brown " Children are absolutely beautiful as are all the rest of your children. You and Willard are truly wonderful blessed people.
    J.W. Blackwood