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Monday, October 15, 2012

Someone else's fart story

I really can’t believe that I’m posting a link about a fart, but I just can’t resist.  A friend sent me a text and told me to google “the fart that almost changed my life” or something like that.  I was driving when I got the text, so I didn’t do it.  And honestly, other people's farts just don’t top my list of things to talk about, read about, or be otherwise involved with.  What am I… a 12-year-old boy?  Then a few days later, she asked me if I checked it out.  I was driving again (yes, I drive a lot… my 2008 Tahoe has 160,000+ miles on it) so I kinda blew it off again.

Last night I was playing around on the computer because all my laundry was done, my house was spotless, and my perfect children were tucked neatly in the beds for the entire night.  And plus, I wanted to list my oceanfront property in Tennessee on eBay.   

Just seeing if you were paying attention.  Anyway, don’t judge me. 

I finally googled it.  And oh-my-gosh.  I nearly peed my pants. 

You must go read this.  But if you’re at work, or your kids are asleep, you might want to wait --  because you WILL laugh out loud. 

And just to clarify.  This story is NOT about me.  The person who farted – that was not me.  Just so we’re clear.  A lady named Anna Lind Thomas takes full credit for it.


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