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Friday, November 15, 2013

Thankful for Hairy Armpits, Southern angels, and more!

Okay, so I'm obviously stinking up the Thankful Blog this year.  I just can't seem to stay caught up.  Maybe the second half of the month will be better!

Day 10 -

I'm thankful that Hunter got to go the beach with us last weekend.  He was 16 when we got Yuri and Gigi.  They were so young and he was gone so much, and then he moved off to school.  They just really don't remember him living with us, so their bond with him has never been as strong as it is with Haley Rae and Karlie.  They made up for a lot of lost time last weekend.  They told him they wished they had hairy armpits like him, and he told them you could only get hairy armpits if you get tickled A LOT.  So... I had to listen to squealing all weekend because he was trying to help their armpit hair grow.  The fact that he is 21 but acts 12 also kept things loud and chaotic.  What 21-year-old thinks it's hilarious to pretend to wipe boogers on little girls just to hear them gag and scream their heads off??

Day 11 -

I am thankful for a very special co-worker named Lisa.  A bunch of years ago... I honestly don't know how many.... like 6 or 7 maybe... I was in desperate need for a new transcriptionist.  I had tested several and nobody could cut it.  I was in my car on the way to pick up my kids from school and I literally prayed out loud for God to help me find someone good.  Within minutes, my phone rang and I hear the sweetest Southern voice say, "Hayyyy... are y'all hiring?"  I called her our angel because I honestly believe God dropped her on me that day.

Day 12 -

I am thankful for White Fudge Oreos.  It's beyond me why they only make them around the holidays because I could eat a box a day all year long.

Day 13 -

I am thankful for all the new light bulbs that my husband put up while I was out of town.  It's like one shoots, and then 2 more shoot, and then the next thing you know we need 17 light bulbs!

Day 14 -

I am thankful for the heater in my bathroom.  Winter makes me mad.  I hate being cold.  Thanks to my heater, I never have to a take a shower in a cold bathroom.

Day 15 -

I am thankful that I have lots of family who enjoy tackling Black Friday.  I'm already making a list of things I want but I'm not about to jump into that mess.  I am hoping some of them will volunteer to take my money and get what I need. Ahem... Lacy... Beth...

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