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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thankful Blog - Catching up!

I’m behind on my Thankful Blog so I’m combining 3 days in one… here goes!

Day 6 – My Bed
The other night, I was asleep in my “assigned” spot on the couch (Aubree has one end and I have the other).  My knees hurt when I fall asleep sitting up and so apparently I stretched out in my sleep.  I woke up pushing a pillow out of the way with my feet… only it wasn’t a pillow.  I had my FOOT on top of Aubree’s face and was pushing her out of the way.  Yikes.  Poor baby, but it’s really her fault.  If she would sleep like a normal person, I would have been snoring in my nice, comfy bed instead of kicking her in the face.  On Day 6, I am thankful for my bed.  I don’t get to spend NEARLY enough time in it, but I still love it. 

Day 7 – 5-Hour Energy Drinks and Teenage Girls Who Talk And Talk And Talk... 
Since the kids are out of school on Monday for Veteran’s Day, we planned a long weekend trip to the beach.  At the last minute, Willard backed out because he’s been sick, so I headed out with 8 kids. Well, one is technically an adult but he doesn’t pay his own bills so he’s still a kid to me.  And 3 more were teenagers but they don’t wash their own clothes so they’re kids too.  We headed out after dark, and I knew I’d struggle to stay awake.  When it gets dark, I get sleepy.  Always have and always will.  My foster daughter suggested a 5-Hour Energy Drink and SHA-ZAM!  Between the drink (my first ever) and the fact that she NEVER stops talking, I didn’t get one bit sleepy.  We made excellent time, only stopped once and now we’re nestled in for a beautiful weekend.  So, on Day 7, I’m thankful for artificial energy boosters and my 16-year-old foster daughter’s motor mouth. 

Day 8 – The Beach
Rain or shine… warm or cold… There’s nowhere in the world I’d rather be.  On Day 8 I’m thankful for the beach and that I get to wake up to this view for the next few days.

P.S. After I wrote this post, one of the bunch started throwing up.  I am not sure if it's a virus or food poisoning, but I'm thankful for Zofran.  :( 

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