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Friday, November 1, 2013

Day 1 - Free Days

Day 1 –

Today I am thankful for downtime.  Tomorrow (Saturday) will be the first Saturday since August that I haven’t had to be somewhere bright and early.  I’d love to think that I’ll get to sleep late, but since Aubree thinks she part rooster, that likely won’t happen.  At least I can be lazy and watch cartoons all morning.  We won’t have very many free Saturdays in the near future either.  For some reason that is now buried somewhere in my subconscious, I signed Yuri and Gigi up for basketball.  On the night of their first practice, I had to go with Karlie to volleyball so Willard took them to their practice.  When they got home, I started quizzing…

ME:                        How was practice???

GIGI:                      Horrible.  Just horrible. 

ME:                        Why???

GIGI:                      We ran and ran and ran.  My heart was “beeping” so fast.  And it’s still beeping fast.

ME:                        Ahhh. Well, what was your favorite part?

GIGI:                      I liked the outfield. 

ME:                        …

YURI:                     She means defense.  I liked it best too.  My coach says, “When you are on defense, you get that ball!  I don’t care if you have to bite, pinch,or pull hair.  GET THAT BALL!”

This should be interesting… 

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