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Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I heard about Miley Cyrus’ performance on the VMAs.  I was curious at what sparked all the disgust, but I told myself I wasn’t going to watch it.  I mean, her obvious goal was to get attention, right?  She's certainly getting it.  I don't think it's even occurred to her that it's 98% NEGATIVE attention. 
Anyway, I decided not to watch it.  And I didn’t… until this morning when I accidentally clicked on a link.  (I thought it was a link to an interview with Billy Ray and what he thought of performance, but it was actually the performance). I only watched maybe like 30 seconds and then stopped it.  The only thing I really saw was her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth.  My first thought? Oh no, she needs to see a neurologist.  I remember the episode of “ER” when Dr. Green found out he had a brain tumor.  One of the symptoms was that when he stuck his tongue out, it automatically shifted to the corner of his mouth.  Somebody get that girl to a doctor! 
P.S. I am not making light of cancer.  Not at all.  Just trying to add a little humor.  It's kinda like when the pharmacist adds candy flavoring to nasty medicine.  It's still nasty, but at least you get through it without throwing up.  


  1. If all you watched was the first 30 seconds was mild compared to the "middle minute" (give or take)... I too was curious and watched the entire thing, after which, I was sorry... It was very bad... didn't even qualify as "twerking" IMO... My daughter liked her as Hannah/Miley, glad she lost interest in following her!

  2. I agree with Lauralee...NASTY to the core. Don't watch it. I made the mistake of being curious as to why so many people who were normally offensive were acting offended...LOL!!!! You aren't missing anything but filth. Shame on her. At least it wasn't the Kids Choice Awards... Lisa Hoke

  3. She used to be an attractive young lady. Well, at least she is still young.