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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Back To School!

Well, the beginning of school year 2013-14 is officially in the books.  I posted this picture on Facebook already this week, but it’s one of my favorites ever, so I’m using it again on today’s post.


Day 1 – Success!  It wasn’t really Gigi’s first day because all she got to do was meet her teacher and leave.  Karlie had a good day.  I can’t believe she’s a Junior!  Yuri was less excited than I hoped she would be.  She’s really not a fan of getting up in the mornings and she is of the opinion that 5 days a week is just ridiculous.  She’d be happy with only going to school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  She is appalled that 1st graders don’t get to nap, and that’s going to be her biggest adjustment.  If you saw us any during the summer at the pool, you know that she would typically pull up a chair about 1:30 and take a siesta.  By the time she got home Monday, her eyes were glazing over.  I told them to ride their bikes and play outside while I got supper going, hoping to keep her awake.  By 5:40, she had pj’s on and was passed out on the couch.


Day 2 – Yuri woke up and muttered, “This is getting old.”  I thought we might be in a for a bad morning, but she snapped out of it and posed for a sassy picture.


Gigi prepared for her first “real” day and seemed very excited.  Her only concern was that someone would mistake her for a Smurf.  I totally get that.  I don’t wear a lot of yellow because of my fear of being confused with a ginormous can of Pledge.


After school, I started quizzing them about what they liked and what they didn’t.   Yuri rolled her eyes and said to Gigi, “Get ready.  She does this every day”… haha

I found out that first grade has “a lot” of rules and that’s about all Yuri would give me.  Note: I found out AFTER I wrote this blog post that Yuri got her apple moved.  That's probably the reason for the tight lips. I guess she's planning to use the 'ol Don't Ask, Don't Tell protocol this year. 

Gigi was full of information.  She is amazed at how smart her teacher is.  Apparently Mrs. Stinson knows where EVERY bathroom in the whole building is.  Gigi was also pumped about lunch.  She had some “yummy taco salad with green beans and bacon in it”.  Well, yum.  Sounds just scrumptious.  Why didn’t I ever think to add green beans and bacon to MY taco salad?!

Karlie had a volleyball game after school and when we got there, I realized we were ALL dressed in blue.  I guess Gigi isn’t the only Smurf in the family!

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