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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Baby A got tubes. And violent.

After months and months of ear infections and then waiting weeks for a referral to the ENT, Baby A *finally* got her tubes placed.  Yay! 

We got the surgery center early yesterday morning and things started out really smoothly.  The staff was soooo nice.  I would highly recommend Surgery Center of Decatur for anything you need.  One of the nurses actually said Baby A looks like my mini-me.  Ha. 

Baby A didn't like the nurses messing with her - getting her vitals, etc. so they decided to go ahead and give her the Versed just to relax her until time for the actual surgery.  Sounds like a great idea, right?  Yep, I thought so too. 

Well, no.  Apparently less than 2% of the children given Versed have a side effect of extreme agitation and  - you guessed it - Baby A is in that 2%.  Yikes. For 20 minutes, she used me as a human punching bag.  She kicked, she screamed, she slapped.  It was AWFUL.

Luckily, the Versed wore off fast and she came back from surgery feeling fine.  She acts like nothing ever happened.

I told the doctor I was expecting her to sleep better, eat better, be happier, and start talking more.  He just nodded... I think he wanted to say, "Lady, we're doing tubes, not a lobotomy". 

She actually was happy yesterday and she slept all night. I don't know if this is a sign of a increased appetite or what....

Why, yes, she's licking food off the table.  Okay, so it was Fun Dip and not green beans, but hey - it's a start!



  1. That is dedication to Fun Dip... not that I blame her... :)

  2. LOL! Thank you for following me on Twitter! I had to drop everything and check out your blog. OMG! I'm loving it. :D