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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our typical morning ride to school

Today was Scarf Day at Yuri’s school.

Yuri:           I bet pioneers made this scarf.

Karlie:        Pioneers???

Yuri:           Yeah, some pioneers came to my school and showed us how to make stuff.  And they know how to knit.  So I bet a pioneer made my scarf… I bet Momar can knit.  She’s old like a pioneer.

Sorry, Momar.


And then…

Me:             Baby A has her surgery tomorrow.

Gigi:           Today?

Me:             No, tomorrow.

Gigi:           Today is tomorrow.

Karlie:        Oh gosh, I hate when she says stuff like that.

Gigi:           We went to sleep and woke up, so it’s tomorrow now. 

Me:             Yesterday I said when you wake up and go to sleep, it will be tomorrow.  But now it’s today.  Tomorrow is always the next day, but then when it gets here, it’s today. 

Karlie:        Mom! Seriously?!?!  Now I’m even confused!


Just a glimpse into the typical morning ride to school!


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