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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Jamaica blog!

Wow!  It's been 26 days since I blogged.  I've been intending to do a vacation blog ever since I got home.  Well, actually, I planned to blog everyday from Jamaica, but that required motivation that I seemed to have left in the US!  Our trip was awesome.  Willard took a BUNCH of pictures so there's no way to put them all on here, but I chose a few just to give you an idea of what it was like.
Each day in Jamaica was basically a repeat of the day before.  Wake up late, eat breakfast, lay on the beach, eat lunch, lay on the beach, eat supper, eat dessert, go to bed.  Repeat.  Ab-so-lute-ly the perfect way to spend a week, if you ask me.  I read 5 books, which is equivalent to therapy for me.  (I LOVE to read, and I think I've read about 13 pages since we got the new baby in October! I just can't seem to find time to do things like read...exercise...shave my legs...) 

Here go the pictures - I will put a caption under each one that tells a little bit about it.  And, these are in no specific order.

This is me laying on my very own private beach it seems!

Our room is the one in the middle, 2nd floor.  We could have dropped off the balcony and almost landed on the beach!

There was an outdoor restaurant right by our section of the resort where we could eat lunch.  They served really good jerk chicken and cheeseburgers. 

Our room

I took this from our room.  The water is RIGHT there.

Willard took tons of pictures around the resort.  There was about a million dollars worth of tile and the nicest landscaping I've ever seen. 

Me pretending to be a movie star

When I said this resort was in a remote area, I wasn't lying!

This is the view of the resort from the boat we took out when we snorkeled.  Our building is the one with the red roof. 
Jason snorkeled for the first time and LOVED it!
This is the main pool. 
Lots of statues of naked people
There were GORGEOUS flowers everywhere you looked
Another naked statue
There were 3 pools.  This was ours.  It was the most "happening" pool, with a swim up bar and pool volleyball games going on about 12 hours out of the day!

There were beach weddings almost every day.  This poor couple said "I do" and then the bottom fell out.  It only rained a few minutes the whole week, so the timing really sucked for them.  But they're still smiling!!
And even statues of naked kids

Peacocks!  Just randomly strutting around proud as can be. 
It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Now... for your viewing pleasure, a video of Willard and Jason riding a paddle board  attempting to ride a paddle board.  I was too far away for you to really see them well, but you get the picture.  Well, shoot.  I can't tell if the video uploaded or not.  It's giving me problems.  In case it works, Willard is the one on the right.  Yeah, the one that makes the big splash and then starts chasing Jason trying to knock HIM off too.  He's a sore loser.  ha!

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