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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Amy's 2012 resolutions

Okay, here goes.  My resolutions for 2012.  I probably shouldn’t call these “resolutions”.  It’s more like my “to-do” list for 2012.  Resolution is such a serious word.  Oh wow, I looked it up and it means “oath, promise or vow”. Scratch that.  These are my PERSONAL GOALS for 2012. 
(1)            I’m no Rachael Ray or anything, but I think my cooking skills have improved in the last few years.  (You’re probably thinking about the Yuri and Gigi cookie/smoke story but that’s not really indicative of my true skills).  I don’t particularly LOVE it, but I don’t hate it either, and I think what I cook usually taste somewhere between good and pretty good.  What bothers me is cooking the same old stuff over and over and over.  So, my goal for 2012 is to try a new recipe once a month. 
(2)             I want to spend more time with my friends.  I want to do lunch with the girlfriends.  I never do this, and I really want to.  Some of y’all need to invite me though.  I don’t want to plan it, I just want to show up. 
(3)             I want to keep my laundry caught up.  Seriously.  You have no idea how much I want this. 
(4)             This is a big one.  And it’s almost as unrealistic as keeping my laundry caught up. I want to run in a 5K.  Even back in the 80s when I was athletic and somewhat in shape, I couldn’t run.  I see people who run in 5Ks and it blows my mind.  If they can do it, surely I can.  Right?  We’ll see.  I don’t have aspirations to be a lifetime runner, and believe me, I will not get “addicted”.  I want to slap people who say they get addicted to exercise.  Puh-leeze.  I just want to do it so I can brag about it and see my name in tiny print in the newspaper.  I’ve already got a stitch in my side from just thinking about it.
(5)             I want to sit through an entire high school basketball game and not think to myself (or worse – yell out loud) that the ref is an idiot.  There seriously ought to be some kind of IQ test for these people.  Gosh, my bad.  The goal is to change MYSELF.  There’s nothing I can do about the officials.  Can’t fix stupid. 
(6)             I want to beat Willard at “Words With Friends”.  We just discovered this game a few days ago and it’s so much fun.  The only problem is that I hate to lose.  HATE. TO. LOSE.  And he has beaten me every single time.  He’s not a graceful winner either.  I had already gone to bed the other night when my cell phone rang.  It was a Willard from DOWNSTAIRS.  As in, calling me from the den.  At midnight!!!  He said, “Boo ya! You might as well go ahead and resign.  I just got 102 points off one word!!”  I would like to say that I rolled back over and went back to sleep, thinking how immature he was.  But no.  I stared at my phone until my eyes crossed trying to come up with a good word.  Ugh.
(7)             And I want to blog more.  I don’t even realize I have anything to say until I start typing, and then the words just start coming. It’s quite therapeutic actually.  And cheaper than a counselor. 
Well, there you go.  My goals for 2012.  Notice that I didn’t mention the old cliché of losing weight.  I figure if I train for a 5K, I’ll lose weight.  And if I seriously do keep my laundry caught up, I will have to wash/fold/put away clothes pretty much 24/7 so there won’t be time to eat.  Either way, I should shed a few pounds.

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