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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Would you hire us??? Never mind, we'll do it for free!

For as long as I can remember, I've enjoyed matchmaking.  My past record isn't so great... okay, I stink at it, but my luck is changing!  I've actually successfully connected a few couples in the last few months.  Remember that it's only my job to introduce/fix you up with someone who I believe would be compatible with you.  If you date a few weeks and then decide it's not going to work, that is not a strike against me.  If you share the same interests and find each other attractive, then I've done my part.  I can't go on dates with you and make it work out, people! 

Danna and I share this little hobby, and together we make a great team.  It was actually Danna's idea to hook up Dan Morgan and Whitney Gibson a couple of months ago and it's been a LOVE MATCH for sure.  Danna was so excited when she called me to inform me of her GREAT idea.  I really didn't do anything except encourage Dan, which wasn't hard at all to do.  If we ever do start a company, it will be their picture  on the billboard for sure.  Aren't they cute???

So, this brings me to the reason for this blog.  I have an idea that I wanted to run by you all.  If Danna and I did start a new business (hypothetically speaking, of course, since I don't have time to start a new business!), how do you think this one would go over...  We could call it "Creative Coincidences".  Basically, it works like this... Client (we'll call her Missy) comes to us because she has her eye on a certain guy.  He'd then become the Target (we'll call him Billy).  Missy has seen Billy around and likes what she sees.  She may even casually know him, but not well enough to engage in conversation.  Missy decides that she needs help getting Billy's attention.  Enter Danna and I... we scheme (or "creatively plan" as I prefer to call it) to put Missy and Billy in the same place at the same time.  Or we go undercover to investigate Billy to find out what he likes, so that Missy and suddenly become interested in the same things.  Or we disable Missy's car so that it breaks down in front of Billy's house, etc.  You get the picture.  Now, calm down, I know some of you may be freaking out.  You probably think this is stalking.  Just hush, it's not. 

Or, in another scenario, we may actually know of two people who we think would make a cute couple.  For whatever reason, one or both of them may be resistant (ahem...cough cough... not calling any names!), but Danna and I really feel strongly that they need to give it a shot.  We could put our creative planning in action and arrange several random moments where their paths cross.  Since neither party asked for our services, we would have to do this pro bono, but that's okay.  After they got married, they might make a donation to our company or something.  We can work out all those details later.

So what do you think?  Could it work?  :)


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